CEVA Logistics, Kodiak Robotics Launch Autonomous Freight Deliveries; Complete First Ever Autonomous Trucking Delivery in Oklahoma

Companies Partner to Implement New Solutions for CEVA Customers’ Logistics Challenges


Houston, Texas / Mountain View, California, (March 9, 2022) – CEVA Logistics, a global leader in third-party logistics, announced today it has teamed up with Kodiak Robotics, Inc., a leading self-driving trucking company, to deliver freight autonomously between Dallas Fort-Worth and Austin; and Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. Through this partnership, Kodiak and CEVA have become the first-ever companies to deliver freight autonomously in the state of Oklahoma. This partnership is a critical step towards the companies’ long-term goal of integrating Kodiak’s technology into CEVA’s North American truck fleet.

“CEVA is committed to working alongside leading automation and robotics suppliers – like Kodiak with its proven autonomy technologies – to unlock value for our customers’ supply chain operations,” says Shawn Stewart, President & Managing Director, North America, CEVA Logistics. “At CEVA, we define innovation as the implementation of new ideas with business impact, and our partnership with Kodiak will deliver more business value to our customers, especially in light of the current supply chain crisis and the ongoing driver shortage.”

CEVA delivered its first load with Kodiak in November 2021 and is moving goods weekly on the 200 mile freight lane between Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin, Texas. The companies expanded the partnership in February 2022 with a new route between Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City on the freight-rich Interstate 35 corridor. This route runs 200 miles between a CEVA facility in Dallas and the delivery point in Oklahoma City. On both routes, a Kodiak autonomous tractor pulls a CEVA trailer filled with consumer products.

In addition to these two lanes in connection with CEVA, Kodiak Robotics has been delivering freight daily between Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston since mid-2019. Since mid-2021, Kodiak Robotics has also been delivering freight weekly between Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio.

CEVA Logistics, Kodiak Robotics Launch Autonomous Freight Deliveries


“CEVA is at the forefront of global logistics innovation and has recognized early on that the trucking industry will see the first widespread adoption of self-driving technology,” said Don Burnette, Founder and CEO, Kodiak. Kodiak and CEVA are focused on serving Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and Oklahoma City, because they cover some of the richest freight corridors in the U.S. As Americans grapple with pandemic-related supply-chain issues and the long-term truck driver shortage, CEVA is leading the industry in adopting new technology that will benefit its customers.”

As a global leader in third-party logistics, CEVA has vast experience in integrating automation and robotics into both its contract logistics and freight management operations. The company has a consistent approach to technology integration to keep customer success at the forefront of every decision. With more than 2,449 drivers in its North American fleet, CEVA is committed to the benefits of autonomous technology to alleviate the strain on its existing workforce.

Kodiak is developing the Kodiak Driver, the company’s self-driving technology, to make trucking safer and more efficient. The Kodiak Driver, which is purpose-built for long-haul trucks, incorporates Luminar's Iris LiDAR, ZF Full Range Radar, Hesai 360-degree scanning LiDARs, as well as a range of cameras to capture and process hundreds of megabytes of perception data each second. These sensors allow the truck to "see" long-range and all around the vehicle in a wide variety of weather conditions. This enables safe operation at highway speeds. Kodiak’s self-driving technology will improve road safety for everyone, ultimately saving lives, increasing network efficiency, reducing costs and emissions, and enhancing truck drivers’ quality of life.


About Kodiak Robotics, Inc.

Kodiak Robotics, Inc. was founded in 2018 to develop autonomous technology that carries freight forward—so people, partners, and the planet thrive. The company is developing an industry-leading technology stack purpose-built specifically for long-haul trucks, making the freight industry safer and more efficient. Kodiak’s unique modular hardware approach integrates sensors into a streamlined sensor-pod structure that optimizes for perception, scalability and maintainability. The company delivers freight daily for its customers along four routes in Texas and Oklahoma, operating autonomously on the highway portions of the routes. Learn more about Kodiak on the web at, and on Medium, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can find the company press kit HERE


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