International Women's Day

At CEVA, we believe in embracing equity and promoting a culture of inclusivity. We know that diverse perspectives lead to better outcomes and we are committed to creating a workplace where everyone can thrive!


Within the International Women's Day celebrations, we collected a set of inspiring stories of women at CEVA who are making an impact in their careers and communities. These interviews highlight our commitment to diversity and inclusion and our continuous efforts to empower women to succeed in the logistics industry.

Meet Juliana Hatz

Juliana Hatz, Head of Communications for the Latin America region, is our first interviewee. She emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and describes CEVA's efforts to create a culture of respect and belonging. Juliana also shares her insights on the future of the logistics industry and the skills that will be most in demand. Finally, she advises female job seekers on how to succeed in the logistics industry.

Juliana Hatz Interview

Meet Marli de Lathouder

Marli works as a Site Manager for CEVA’s multiuser warehouse in The Hague, Netherlands. In this interview, she describes her career journey, discusses the challenges and misconceptions women face in the male-dominated logistics industry, and provides insights into the traits and actions that are key for women to succeed in supply chain. She also highlights why logistics offers great career opportunities for women and gives advice to women interested in working in logistics and share her own role model.

Marli de Lathouder Interview

Meet Peace Mwambukya

Peace is the Team Leader at CEVA Logistics in South Sudan.  As a woman in a predominantly male industry, she has faced challenges and misconceptions, but has risen above them to become a leader in her field. In this interview, she delves deeper into her experiences and shares insights on women in logistics, the challenges they face, and the key traits needed for success. 

Peace Mwambukya_Quote

Women in Logistics: Gaining Trust & Credibility

In this interview, Alexandra Olvera, Global Commercial Leader at CEVA Logistics, and Maria Villablanca, Co-founder and CEO of The Future Insights Network, share their professional opinion on how women nowadays can dive into the logistics world, what challenges they face, and what can help them to gain trust and credibility in a traditionally masculine sector.

Alexandra Olvera