Global Initiatives on World Book Day

CEVA Fosters a Culture of Learning

As the world commemorates World Book Day, CEVA fosters educational empowerment and cultural enrichment. Across our offices and sites, CEVA employees are not just celebrating literature but actively contributing to societal welfare through various initiatives. From Turkey to Dubai to Shanghai, the spirit of learning and community engagement shines bright at CEVA.

In Turkey, CEVA has embarked on a commendable project to support education in the aftermath of the earthquake. Collaborating with local authorities, CEVA is transforming containers into a library, study center, and computer room for the Hatay Defne Çekmece Özyeğin Konyetner City. Through a collaborative effort, including book campaigns within the company and resource mobilization from various departments, CEVA is ensuring that educational resources reach those in need. As remarked by a company representative, "Education is the cornerstone of resilience, and we are committed to supporting communities in their journey towards recovery."


Meanwhile, in Dubai, CEVA celebrated World Book Day with a heartwarming Book Club lunch. Employees gathered in the conference room, disconnecting from screens to delve into the world of literature. The event witnessed a diverse range of literature lovers embracing the joy of reading. As Lejla Dukic, Head of Communications, MEA, aptly puts it, "There is always time for a good book." Such initiatives not only foster a culture of learning but also promote inclusivity within the workplace.

"I strongly believe that there is always time for a good book. It can be an hour a day during a lunch break or a long stretch of six to seven hours on a long-haul flight. Currently, I’m reading Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson. Brilliant example of how the right attitude, boldness and questioning the existing norms makes a colossal difference." 

Lejla Dukic, Head of Communications, MEA



"I really love reading books as it keeps me out of the real world sometimes and it also teaches me a lot of things that can be implemented in life! I am currently reading 'Atomic Habits' by the author James Clear. This is a book which helps me and teaches me how to make good habits by doing some 'atom level' of change in my life, one step at a time. I would highly recommend this book; for me personally it has helped me make many improvements." 

Muhammad Zaryab, Account Handler, Contract Logistics

Reading physical books has been such a rewarding experience for me! The feel and immersive nature really make a difference, offering a deeper connection to the content without the distractions of digital screens. It's not just about the stories; engaging with books has improved my vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Additionally, it's a great way to explore diverse perspectives and foster personal growth. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to broaden their horizons!

Antonio Munoz, Contract Logistics Leader, MEA

In Shanghai, CEVA has taken strides to cultivate a culture of reading within our offices.

With contributions from local employees and corporate investments, CEVA has established a vibrant book corner boasting over 230 titles. To commemorate World Book Day, a book sharing session was organized, bringing together enthusiasts to exchange literary experiences.

From historical narratives to philosophical musings, the event provided a platform for employees to engage with diverse literary genres. As Ah DU, BD, shares, "A novel from the Republic of China era, when read today, transcends the barriers of time and resonates with our hearts." Such initiatives not only enrich the intellectual landscape but also foster camaraderie among employees.



"The Song Dynasty in Twelve Hours" by Wei Ce. "This book is interesting and lively, allowing me to immerse myself in the rich customs and cultural connotations of the Song Dynasty, and deeply understand this special existence in the long history. It is very practical for arousing everyone's interest in historical culture, increasing everyone's knowledge of history, and expanding their horizons." Michelle XIE, Air

Through these initiatives across Turkey, Dubai, and Shanghai, CEVA reaffirms the commitment to education, diversity, and community engagement on World Book Day and beyond. In a world where knowledge is paramount, CEVA stands at the forefront, championing the transformative power of literature.