CEVA Logistics unveils 2023 CSR Summary Report

Acting for Planet, Acting for People and Acting for Fair Trade

The logistics and supply chain industry is changing—from sustainability and technology to resilience and recruiting—and CEVA Logistics is committed to accompanying and contributing to the evolution. Progress requires accountability, and on-going measurement encourages and informs the right kind of change. As a result, CEVA is sharing its goals and annual progress in corporate social responsibility (CSR) through its 2023 CSR Executive Summary.

“Our world is changing, and we are responding. We must work together to ensure that our industry’s transformation results in a more sustainable model. We must find ‘Better Ways’ of transporting goods around the globe,” said Mathieu Friedberg, CEO of CEVA Logistics. 

“CEVA’s decarbonization efforts are linked to our ability to innovate and collaborate. In the short-term, we are reducing the carbon footprint of our warehouses (34% with low carbon electricity), investing in low emission vehicles (tripling the number in operation during 2023) and finding more sustainable solutions with carriers for the transport we purchase for our customers. In the end, the expertise of the CEVA team gives me confidence that we will succeed.”

CEVA Logistics’ mission is to connect people, products and providers all around the world. The company is committed to pursuing its mission ethically and sustainably. As part of the CMA CGM Group, detailed information on CEVA’s activities and actions are the Group’s annual CSR report, and the 2023 CEVA Logistics Executive Summary is intended to provide a summary of the company’s progress, providing customers, suppliers and industry partners with relevant, up-to-date information. 


Three-pillar CSR approach

CEVA’s CSR program mirrors that of its parent company, encompassing commitments in three main areas: Acting for Planet, Acting for People and Acting for Fair Trade

Acting for Planet covers CEVA’s carbon emissions and commitments, which is in line with those of the CMA CGM Group—to reach net zero by 2050. In 2023, CEVA’s CO2 footprint was 6.0m tCO2e, marking a reduction of 200,000 tons compared to 2022. The report details the decarbonization levers that CEVA is employing over the coming years to reach its net zero target, as well as how the company is progressing in each area. 

Next, Acting for People describes CEVA’s progress towards becoming an Employer of Choice, with commitments and monitoring around health and safety, benefits, engagement and career development. As a leading global logistics player, CEVA aims to foster equity, diversity and inclusion at every level, and the report provides information on the gender split within the company, its support programs and other initiatives to promote even greater diversity.

Finally, Acting for Fair Trade provides information on CEVA’s work to ensure that all its activity takes place within a strong ethics and compliance framework. CEVA’s employees work in accordance with the One CEVA Code, which provides clear guidance on the company’s behavioral expectations and regulations. As an asset light freight-forwarder, CEVA works with multiple subcontractors and there’s news of its sustainable procurement charter, to promote sustainability throughout the supply chain.


Stronger customer relationships

CEVA Logistics works closely with its customers to align on sustainability goals, activities and solutions. As a 3PL committed to more sustainable logistics solutions, CEVA is also using its global scale to introduce other customers to low carbon solutions, helping to encourage the shift toward more sustainable supply chains. 

“Our CSR summary report delivers detailed information on our sustainability progress as a trusted partner to our customers,” said Benoit Tinetti, global CSR and sustainability leader for CEVA. “We value long-term partnerships, and we believe that this level of transparency fosters mutual accountability to continue improving the global supply chain. We are proud of our achievements to date and will continue to offer solutions that benefit our customers, our communities and our planet.”



The company offers a range of visibility solutions to provide CO2 reporting and continues to invest in advanced technologies around data and AI, resulting in new solutions aimed at creating more value and boosting efficiency. For example, CEVA can provide route optimization solutions specifically geared toward reducing CO2 emissions.  

As part of its efforts to reduce its own Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, CEVA is increasing the presence of alternative fuel vehicles in its ground operations— targeting 1,450 EVs by 2025. Customers can be confident in the reduced impact from a company supporting the development and advance of low carbon vehicles—whether biofuel, hydrogen or electric. CEVA’s commitment to using only low carbon electricity in its warehouses by 2025 also reduces the impact of its customers supply chain operations. Efforts around energy efficiency, recycling, reusable packaging and reducing waste and water consumption will further reduce the impact of CEVA’s operations. 

In terms of Scope 3 emissions, more than 90 percent of CEVA’s emissions come from the transport it purchases for its customers. As a result, CEVA is using its global reach and long-standing relationships with carriers to encourage and support the advance of alternative fuels in ocean and air freight in addition to its efforts around warehousing and ground transport. 

CEVA Logistics delivers its responsive logistics solutions for its customers through the efforts of its diverse and talented workforce—approximately 110,000 full-time and temporary employees around the world. As a people company, CEVA’s QHSE program is under continual development to ensure the health and safety of its employees. Safety as a top priority drives operations at every site. In addition to the safety of its employees, CEVA ensures that each employee receives proper training on a wide variety of QHSE topics, as well as other important subjects, like the CEVA Code of Ethics. In Acting for Fair Trade, CEVA’s Code ensures an ethical standard at all levels of the company and that CEVA is taking positive action to contribute to a sustainable, equitable value chain. 

In 2023, as shown by the annual summary, CEVA Logistics made significant strides in engaging and empowering its global team to co-create value for its customers, to invest time in local communities and to operate ethically and sustainably for the planet. 


For more details on CEVA’s CSR strategy, its 2023 sustainability activities or its workforce achievements, download the 2023 CEVA CSR Executive Summary.