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Black Friday at CEVA

Meeting the challenge together


Black Friday was born from the US tradition of sales starting on the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. It has long since spread from the US to become a retail event around the world.  

Black Friday 2022 saw a 2.3% increase in sales from the previous year, with an estimated total of $9.12bn spent online. A record 196.7 million consumers shopped both online and in stores over the Black Friday weekend.

What does Black Friday mean for logistics? 

Black Friday falls on November, 24, 2023 - the last Friday of the month.  However, many retailers start offering discounts and hosting online events for at least a month before the day itself, creating a peak season for the movement of goods between retailers and customers.  

In the US, 53% of shoppers plan to do their holiday shopping on Black Friday. And the retail event is extremely popular in the UK, Germany and Brazil too. The pressure on supply chains builds steadily through September and October, with activity building to a crescendo in November. 

We live in a one-click world. Consumers expect solutions to be fast, if not immediate. Common complaints facing eCommerce retailers include items being out of stock or problems with deliveries, highlighting the importance of proactive supply chain management and effective logistics solutions. 



Meeting the challenge together 

The significant increase in trading around Black Friday demands a proportionate ramping up of deliveries across global supply chains. Our customers need to ensure they’re in position to offer their products to consumers on Black Friday. And following the sales, the race is on to deliver on time too!

At CEVA, we have a global team spread across over 170 countries. We’ll work with our customers to meet the challenge of Black Friday together.  

We know all about digging deep and working harder during the demanding Black Friday period!

To ensure we’re prepared, we’ll add to our workforce, boost our warehouse operations, and increase our shipments, so we can meet our customers’ requirements. 

As well as our great people, we’re always looking to employ the latest technology to improve our performance. We’ll make use of innovative warehouse solutions, such as the Autonomous Robot Shuttle in Liuzhou, China, which has increased picking productivity by 170% and storage density by 200%. 

Our contract logistics experts are on hand to manage the transfer of products efficiently across continents and countries. We’re committed to finding the most efficient routing for our shipments, effectively balancing cost and time. And our accessible dashboard means it’s easy to trace deliveries, providing peace of mind that everything’s on track. 

So retailers, from the biggest brands to the smallest start-ups, can rely on us to deliver safely and on time for #BlackFriday and every day!

Black Friday at CEVA