CEVA in the Nordics
CEVA in the Nordics

CEVA Logistics Builds Momentum in the Nordics

CEVA Logistics is growing its presence in the Nordic market to meet the enormous potential.

Prepared to march its path

The Nordic countries present a growing potential for logistic services that CEVA is eager to support. CEVA is investing in the Nordics and reinforcing its presence in the region with new resources, strengthening its global network and solutions with local expertise to support Nordic customers in reaching global markets.

"I’ve been working in the Nordics logistics sector for more than 25 years, and this has allowed me to experience the logistics market evolution in these countries. The Nordics market is growing fast, which is why I decided to join CEVA at the beginning of this year; I will add my expertise and knowledge to our local teams in the Nordic countries and Europe CEVA’s global network. Together we support all customers with their fast-changing businesses and growing needs.” Mattias Kellgren, Managing Director, Nordics.

Strong capabilities supported by expert teams

Through the main operational branches in Helsinki and Gothenburg, and the offices in Stockholm and Malmö, customers benefit from the strong performance of an eager and committed team focused on delivering flexible and tailored solutions adapted to every customer need.

CEVA’s expert teams in the Nordics serve more than 1,000 active customers through direct presence in Sweden and Finland while working through agents that meet CEVA’s highest standards in Denmark, Norway and Iceland. CEVA’s strength in the region is underpinned by its in-depth local knowledge and expertise supported by CEVA’s global extensive network and experience in more than 160 countries.

CEVA can support the most high-demanding supply chain with a wide range of services covering air and ocean, ground, project cargo and customs, supported by expert employees in each of the fields. Being part of the CMA CGM Group reinforces CEVA position to access a broad base via sea and air freight, now strengthened by the newly formed specialized division of CMA CGM AIR CARGO, owning 4 Airbus A330-200F cargo aircrafts.


Time to grow

CEVA has continuously been growing in the Nordics, closing new deals and increasing volumes since the beginning of the year, reflecting the potential growth of these countries business and their increasing logistics needs. CEVA keeps growing due to increased air and ocean demand and demand for logistics solutions in the industrial, consumer & retail and healthcare industries.

“Right now, it’s time for development, and that is why new investments and a new strategy are being put in place to grow hand in hand with new and existing customers. We are investing in customer service, value-added services, and innovation & digitalization to offer our customers the best-in-class end-to-end solution that meets their needs. Essential for the growth plan is the investment in people, the development of existing expert teams and the recruitment of new talents to expand the current teams. An example is the Business Development team that we are currently increasing with new talented professionals.” Mattias Kelgren, Managing Director, Nordics. 

Mattias Kellgren CEVA Nordics

People centricity

At CEVA Logistics, people are central to everything. CEVA focuses and listens to customers' needs and designs customized and robust services and solutions that add value to customer supply chains.

Recent examples of actively listening to customers include; Healthcare customers asked for the ‘the future healthcare logistics solutions’, CEVA developed FORPATIENTS, a suite of natively multimodal, safe, transparent, and digitally-enabled solutions built around patients' well-being and caring for the planet. These solutions ensure customers have the choice and flexibility to ship, store and move healthcare products across the globe, regionally or by country.

When CEVA customers required air cargo capacity when capacity was low and demand was high, CEVA launched two new air freight solutions to ensure customer supply chains kept moving.

group people

Our People

CEVA empowers employees' every day, from early careers to leadership roles; CEVA creates a rich environment where people can be creative, innovative and have the opportunity to shape roles, build expertise whether a career with CEVA is long term or short term.

Our planet

Nordic countries are above the European average respective sustainable actions. It is Sweden that leads the Country Sustainability Ranking since 2015. CEVA is mindful of how every step of the supply chain impacts our planet and is fully committed to integrating sustainable actions and options itself and its customers, such as a new range of Green Ocean solutions available since May 2021. 

CEVA green solutions

“At CEVA, no two days are ever the same. I always plan what needs to be done, but it is imperative to have a flexible approach and manoeuvre and switch priority when needed. Especially in our field of business. This is where we differentiate from our competitors; we are extremely agile and flexible. For us, the ultimate inspiration is when a customer acknowledges their satisfaction to our teams.”

Mattias Kellgren. 

Digitalization as the backbone for customer service

CEVA provides fully digitalized digital platforms that interconnect all network partners, enabling visibility and value creation by leveraging data and analytics. The company is accelerating the deployment of its digital offering and has recently launched an all-in-one portal, myCEVA. This new transactional platform enables shippers to manage their complete shipping journey online, allowing greater control over its booking process and enhancing customer experience. CEVA plans to implement several other state-of-the-art digital and automation solutions over the following years, which will significantly improve efficiency and reliability, with the ultimate goal of enabling better services for customers.


About CEVA Logistics in the Nordics

As a newly established regions, our dedicated experts in the Nordics region are ready to support your transportation and logistics needs, no matter how complex. Our service offerings range from Air & Ocean freight, to Road & Rail, and other value added services such as freight storage and customs brokerage.

CEVA in the Nordics

Air Freight

  • Air Freight Services
  • Standard expedited service
  • Shipment with transit time 48 – 96 hours
  • Consolidation through CFS
  • Air Charter and On-board Courier

Road & Rail Freight

  • Global network of FTL & LTL presence
  • Just-In-Time transportation & sequencing
  • Asset-light model
  • Sophisticated technology platform and solution suite including Transport Management System
  • Rail Freight offerings (between Asia – Europe)

Ocean Freight

  • Freight Management Services
  • Full-Container Load
  • Less-Than-Container Load
  • Ocean Charter and Project Solutions

Additional Services

  • Value Added Service (VAS) complementing services to support forwarding and ground e.g., storage in FM stations
  • Customs Brokerage with extensive network to support forwarding globally