CEVA Logistics - The Last Mile
CEVA Logistics - The Last Mile
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CEVA Logistics delivers winning solutions until the last mile

CEVA Logistics - Ferrari Team Partner


In every adventure lies one crucial moment. For a Formula 1 race, and for an international supply chain, that moment is the last mile.

Like in logistics, everything counts, both on and off the track. When the competition on the track ends, the ‘logistical’ race off the track begins for CEVA Logistics.

Within just a few years, CEVA Logistics has become a global industry leader thanks to the support of the CMA CGM Group. The collective talent of our team around the world allows us to reach the highest levels of competition. So in a world that constantly pushes us to re-invent ourselves, we are ready to face the new challenges around every corner.

We partner with Scuderia Ferrari, one of the world’s greatest symbols of excellence, because our fundamental similarities transcend our visible differences, and we know how to engineer winning solutions.

Ferrari has chosen CEVA Logistics as Official Logistics Partner to support its racing activities. Relying on our leading global network across air, land and sea, our team ensures the road and sea shipments for Scuderia Ferrari cars and equipment to race sites around the world.

Because we share the same passion, the same boldness, we will be ready for that one crucial moment where victory is at stake: the last mile.

Discover our manifesto: THE LAST MILE.



CEVA Logistics - The Last Mile