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CEVA Logistics on-boards 200th Customer on MATRIX® WMS

New milestone achieved by successfully implementing the 200th customer onto its CEVA MATRIX® Warehouse Management System (WMS).

CEVA MATRIX® WMS - powered by Blue Yonder - is a proprietary, market leading solution incorporating proven business processes defined by CEVA Logistics’ experts.

Customers have all implemented CEVA MATRIX® WMS to their warehouse operations.

Customers from across the Industrial & Aerospace, Consumer & Retail, Energy, Automotive, Technology and Healthcare and Pharma sectors, have all implemented CEVA MATRIX® WMS to their warehouse operations.

At the same time, new features and improved functionality have ensured continuous development of the system being rolled out seamlessly for all existing and new customers. Recent improvements include the integration of Automated Material Handling (AMH) solutions, such as Automated Mobile Robots (AMR) technology by Geek+ and robot-picker at a fulfillment centre by Locus Robotics. Apart from the obvious benefit of labour-cost reductions, the integration of AMH solutions has dramatically increase productivity at sites – by increasing speed and scalability of the operations.

Interior of warehouse in logistic center have AGV/Robot arm

Michel Foulon, CEVA Logistics’ Chief Information Officer states:

"CEVA MATRIX® WMS is the core element of our IT strategy for optimizing business processes and systems application landscape. The 200th MATRIX® WMS implementation is testament to the acceleration of the company’s digitalization strategy, with more than half of those implementations being realized in the past 12 months.

Among its unique components which differentiate us from our competitors are industry-leading implementation times: as short as 3 weeks for MATRIX® WMS Express and within 3 months for MATRIX® WMS Standard. We have a startup process that is solid, stable, fast and reliable, based upon CEVA’s operational best practices and seamless periodic upgrade for all installed customers.



MATRIX® WMS platform greatly improves our time to market and efficiency

As we enter an unprecedented era of extremely rapid change due to COVID-19, our MATRIX® WMS platform provides capacity and flexibility to react fast, to conduct change remotely and support COVID-19 PPE (Personal Protective equipment) logistics demands and requests in days rather than weeks or months.”