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In 2021, Gartner ranked CEVA Logistics in the prestigious ‘leaders’ quadrant for logistics players. CEVA's new film captures our team’s tremendous journey to achieve this success. Discover the new face of CEVA Logistics, our transformation, our global dimension and how our values ​align with those of the CMA CGM Group.

Presenting a modern and original perspective on our sector, this video serves to create ever-closer proximity to our customers, our partners, our employees and colleagues, and of course, our future customers and candidates.

CEVA Logistics connects the dots

Global industries are transforming at a rapid pace. The healthcare industry is among the world’s largest and fastest-growing, and so are the global supply chains it relies upon. Driven by advances in cloud computing, AI and virtual care, and the relentless march of globalization, the healthcare logistics market has been projected to rise from US $2.1bn to $5.4bn between now and 2028. 

Or take the fashion industry, the global pandemic has accelerated consumers’ embrace of digital channels. These digital channels are expected to grow 20 percent globally year on year. As e-commerce players start to consistently outperform bricks-and-mortar brands, it creates new demand for reliable logistics. 

In healthcare and fashion, as with other industries, from automotive and aviation to fashion and e-commerce, a common question remains: in such a hyperconnected world, what connects the dots? Everything in our daily life, large and small, comes from connecting dots between the most remote places. At CEVA Logistics, that’s our mission. We call it responsive logistics. 

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Connect the dots between people and place

Be it a New York fashion house director awaiting samples from Amsterdam or an automotive supply chain head depending on a shipment from Guangdong, the fast world of business is underpinned by the reliability of responsive logistics. 

From healthcare and energy to aviation and e-commerce, no matter the industry, regardless of the origin or destination, at CEVA Logistics, our mission is to ship end-to-end goods from anywhere to everywhere.

CEVA Life's Essentials

Connect the dots between timelines and technology

The CEVA Logistics network delivers a complete spectrum of supply chain services covering 160 countries. From our perspective, even a remote cotton farm in rural western South Africa is only 900 kilometers from the container terminal in Cape Town.

Our precision coordination is enabled by technology. Whether for inbound or outbound, picking or packing, labelling, or sequencing, we invest in IT systems, automation, robotics, and AI to guarantee a steady high performance and efficiency level. 

CEVA Life's Essentials

Connect the dots between employees and customers

Global supply chains need logistics players with worldwide expertise and a local, personal touch. 

The CEVA Logistics warehouse in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, is one of 750 around the world. Like many of these, Roosendaal’s operations are largely automated. Yet, it is CEVA’s human relationships with customers that define its operational success.

CEVA Logistics coordinates thousands of employees in contract logistics, transport management and freight management with one goal in mind: provide the best possible service to the customer. 

CEVA Life's Essentials

Connect the dots between sustainability and scale

Over air, ocean, or ground, it takes a high degree of ingenuity to find the best solutions for our customers, while using sustainable ways to reduce our impact. 

At CEVA Logistics, we constantly look at ways to measure our footprint and reduce our impact by ensuring that all future offices and warehouses will be powered by solar energy. 

CEVA Life's Essentials


In the end, success for our customers relies on a long chain of people.

What we do is connect the dots. And make sure logistics between them remains as seamless and efficient as possible.

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