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COVID-19 Operations Updates

Our highest priority during this time remains the safety and wellbeing of our staff, customers, and business partners

Our highest priority during this time remains the safety and wellbeing of our staff, customers, and business partners. 

CEVA Logistics will continue to leverage its global network, its expert and hardworking workforce, its preferential carrier relationships and its innovation to support customers like you through the difficult months ahead. Whatever your problems, CEVA Logistics will stand with you to help resolve them.



Contract Logistics
Contract Logistics

Our operations are moderately impacted for the time being. We have been taking measures to mitigate risks and comply by all governmental requirements in our sites. Sanitary measures such as wearing gloves, masks, hand washing, regular sanitizing of equipment and equipment as well social distancing are in place. Many countries started or plan to start opening their lock-downs.

We are constantly adapting to our customer’s challenges and do our utmost to meet their needs, especially in a context of highly fluctuating volumes.

The situation is changing fast and we will keep posting regular updates and directly communicate with our customers. If you have any specific requirements, please reach out directly to your CEVA representative.

Ocean Freight
Ocean Freight

Our ocean freight operations are fully functional. We continue to operate normally in most of our locations, yet backlogs appear in some ports due to limited port staff, reduced working time, blank sailings and delays for custom clearance Although some seaports have reduced sailing or have reduced operating hours, overall ocean freight operations remain under control.

If you have any specific requirements, please reach out directly to your CEVA representative.

Air Freight
Air Freight

After the restriction in international passengers flights, causing a massive drop in belly capacity, many airlines operate passenger aircrafts as cargo carriers. Carriers have cancelled blocked space agreement and allotments and the capacity constraints have resulted in a steep increase on carrier rates. Cargo airlines and passenger aircrafts operating as freighters are still allowed to operate, although occasionally backlogs may appear due to limited staff and constrained working time.

Where available, CEVA is offering on some short/midrange lanes (i.e. Latin America) trucking options as an alternative to the high airfreight rates CEVA gateways and stations are continuing to operate in all countries while ensuring safety measures to protect our employees.

If you have any specific requirements, please reach out directly to your CEVA representative

Road Freight
Road Freight

Road transport is running normally in most of our locations. Border restrictions causes some delay mainly in Africa. For more information on border crossing delays in Europe please visit




  Ocean Freight Air Freight
  • All sea ports and terminals fully operational. Limited number of available truckers may imply delays on on- and pre-carriage
  • Some congestions on export cargo due to the previous months numerous blank sailings
  • All terminals are operating normally no restrictions for Cargo
  • Freighter operation full ope



  Ocean Freight Air Freight
  • Transpacific and Asia-Europe trade capacity reduction
  • CEVA working normally; some equipment challenges in some locations
  • LAX/LGB ports continue with reduced hours of operation due to volume downturn

Norfolk Port

  • Port of Virginia - Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT) closure due to reduced volumes from blank sailings, effective 04-May
  • Truck gate openings at Norfolk International Terminals, Pinners Point Container Yard (PCCY), Portsmouth Chassis Yard (PCY), Reefer Service Area (RFS) and Virginia International Gateway will be adjusted to 0700 hours, Monday to Friday

South Carolina Port

  • The SCPA will be extending the current Wando Welch Terminal (WWT) Saturday Reefer Service Area hours for the months of April and May
  • On Saturdays in April and May, the WWT RSA Lanes will offer full reefer services from 0600 - 1200.  Drivers must be in the gate by 1100 for transactions to be completed by 1200

Georgia Port

  • Garden City Terminal closure due to reduced volumes from blank sailings.  

Florida Ports

  • Port Everglades Terminal (PET) closure due to reduced volumes from blank sailings.  
  • Florida International Terminal (FIT) reduced hours due to reduced volumes from blank sailings.  New hours of operation is 0800 to 1600
  • All terminals are operating normally no restrictions for Cargo
  • Freighter operation full operationally. MIA as main gateway into Latam has for main destination more than 3 freighter capacities.


Europe & Middle East

  Ocean Freight Air Freight
  • All seaports are operating normally (dockers and terminal authority)
  • All shipping lines have announced blank sailing programs until Mid May
  • Strong demand on export and import
  • Main airports are fully operational
  • Some airlines proposed pax flights with cargo only.
  • All main seaports are operating with backlogs. Containers kept un-cleared/in transit/in storage cause increasing demurrages & detention costs
  • Blank sailings increasing due to lack of containers 
  • All rates contracted are substituted by ad-hoc rates
  • Main airports operational, smaller passenger airports closed
  • Airlines have announced and confirmed cancellation of Contract Rates in place substituted by Ad hoc
Spain & Portugal
  • All seaports continue to operate normally 
  • Export some volume reduction, import some volume increase
  • All airports continue to operate normally 
  • Main seaports (Antwerp, Rotterdam) continue to operate normally
  • Main airports (AMS, BRU) continue to operate normally with reduced activities due to airline mitigations 
  • Charter opportunities available 
United Kingdon
  • No impact on all ports
  • All airports continue to operate normally
  • Air charter and custom brokerage opportunity available
  • All seaports in operation
  • BCT Gdynia terminal limited the hours of driver admissions from 8am – 4pm
  • All airports in operation, some waiting time as ground operational staff are on PTO
  • Ports/CFS/CY are operational with minor capacity limitations and delays
  • Main airports are operational with minor capacity limitation and delays. Capacity is available with higher rates. Some small backlog on major trade lanes (IMP Asia, EXP US)
Czech Republic
  • No impact on main ports.
  • PRG airports operating with limited capacity. Shipments moving via FRA/AMS gateways.
  • Equipment shortage on AT Terminals. Additional LCL offering.
  • No more quarantine for vessels arriving at Constanta port (open). Vessel, crew and pilots needs to wear suitable Personal Protection Equipment
  • Normal activity in Otopeni although reduced personal for US lanes and some restrictions applying on freighter services. Space for inbound from US/CN is tight. Surcharges apply.
  • TK increased capacity from OTP airport
  • Ports working normal. Capacity reduction (also intermodal) due to reduced cargo. Container shortage in CY
  • All airports in operation, carriers introducing PAX freighter, sufficient capacity in the market. Schedules changing constantly.
  • All ports in operation
  • Airports in operation for cargo flights only.
      Ocean Freight     Air Freight
  • Ports still operating with minimum staff and partially operational customs, affecting significantly productivity surrounding vessels operations 
  • Capacity dropped (France/Italy being most affected) 
  • Special product availability: LCL from Italy
  • Very low capacity due to partial operations, airports being opened only for cargo airlines, military and UN flights 
  • Cargo airlines operating as of now: DHL, Cargolux, Turkish airlines, Qatar Airways and Egypt Air 
  •  All seaports are operating normally (for cargo only)
  • Terminals operating normally for cargo and freighters 

Saudi Arabia


  • All Seaport working normally with some delay in seaport clearances
  • KFIA Gateway operating normally
  • Only cargo and freighters operation. SV will operate some PAX aircrafts will be used for cargo movements.
  • No major delay on ocean ports, all container ports are active and working 
  • IST and ISL are opened, SAW is closed; international flights have been stopped
  • A lot of international airlines cancelled their flights until further notice 

Airlines operating freighters

  • Turkish cargo
  • Qatar cargo: 3 freighters per week from/to ISL ; 2 PAX flights per week
  • LUFTANSA/AF: limited capacity with freighter 


  • Airline warehouses operating time reduced causing delays in air handling operations and transit process
  • Airlines are reducing and cancelling BSA allocations so increasing pressure on spot market 
  • Aqaba port is operational 
  • Normal operation, tight space
  • Airports operational for cargo handling only
  • United Arab Emirates
  • DWC Emirates terminal closed, all operations moved to DXB airport
  • DWC Dnata terminal opened and operating normally 
  • CEVA Airport office in Dubai is now operating reduced working hours from 0800 to 1400




  • Seaports working normally 
  • Some delays in clearance and delivers in Jebel Ali, UAE
  • Delays in seaport clearances in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait 
  • Umm Qasr port open but working with a skeleton staff for relief products (pharmaceuticals, foodstuff)
  • Main airports (BGW, EBL, BSR, NJF) operating only for cargo airlines, main commodity shipped being foodstuff & pharma products  



  Ocean Freight Air Freight
  • Import: priority given to medicines and food. Export: no restrictions

  • Only vessels with Sengales flags are authorized to call. Impact on Reefer export
South Africa (RSA)
  • Ports across RSA are now handling all types of cargo – essential and non-essential
  • Customs are operational, officials work remotely. Preference is given to essential cargo. 
  • Non-essential cargo can leave airport under the condition: Cargo is sanitized, cleaned, removed by an authorized operator, moved to an approved temporary storage facility
  • All non-essential cargo can now be moved from ports/airports to alleviate congestion. These goods can be moved to storage facilities and will then be permitted to be transported to final destination after lockdown.
  • Lot of flight cancellations, closely monitored by Airfreight operations
  • Exports: only essential cargo is permitted to be exported at present.


Asia Pacific

  Ocean Freight Air Freight
  • Overall normal situation with available capacity
  • Overall normal situation with available capacity
  • Rates are volatile. HAZMAT rates have increased.
  • The main ports are operational with only Middle East lanes being congested 
  • Air rates have gone up substantially, contract rates not being applicable as advised by transporters 
  • Ports are operational. Some capacity constraints 
  • Factories are now open but request slower services due to space constraints.
  • Only freighter flights are operating. Various airlines offer additional non-scheduled flights such as NH, XJ, AF, KL and others.
  • The main seaports are under normal operations
  • The airports are under normal operations 
  • The main seaports are under normal operations, with stable capacity 
  • North Harbor building is still on lockdown and customs processing is done via on-line, some delays to expect.
  • Cancellation of domestic and international flights impacting cargo capacity, mitigated with charters, mini-charters and ad-hoc freighters 
  • NAIA terminal 2 and 3 are closed 
  • All ports are operational, some delays expected due to shortage of operators reporting to work. Some ports and terminals have declared Force Majeure. 
  • Container to Yard depots: CY depots operations severely impacted due to shortages of manpower at site. Few inland container facilities have ceased operations. 
  • CFS warehouse: shortage of labor has impact on customs clearance and export activities.
  • Carriers have announced blank sailing for Westbound and Eastbound lanes as they fore see no cargo available for shipping in next 4-8 weeks
  • Several increased flights offerings to/from Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin and Kolkata through different carriers, including EK, QR, AI, TK and BA. Details are available through Air operations.
Australia & New Zealand
  • Limited impact on main ports
  • CEVA operation working normal


  • Terminals operating normally yet international travelers flights are banned. Airlines operation are open to freight movement, limited capacity




  Road Freight
  • Cargo transportation between states is allowed and there are no barriers.
    Significant reduction of inter-Latam and domestic flights.


  Road Freight
  • No delay at the US-MEX and US-CAN border
  • Status of main routes/boarders  - no issues currently
  • No material impact on trucking time cross boarder 
  • Available capacity/driver  – no capacity issues to date
  • Rail Fright: BNSF, CN, CP, CSX and NSRR – networks remain fluid



Europe & Middle East

  Road Freight
South Europe:
  • CEVA continues to provide Ground Service adapting offering and structure to changing situations.

  • Borders are open for cargo. 

  • No (significant) restriction on road and rail
  • Rail: new product offering
  • TIR trucking status not limited but delays expected due to strict controls at borders
Poland /
Czech Republic / Hungary / Austria / Lithuania
  • Borders are closed for trucks above 7,5t
  • Trucking times are prolonged due to uncertainty of boarder crossing possibility and queuing at the borders. Service is available. Groupage services and special cargo transportation is limited.
  • Rail freight is available, due to increased interest some limitation.
  • Average waiting time of 24h to cross border between Germany & Poland causing delay
  • Drivers in international road transport operation using vehicles below 3.5t are not any longer subject to quarantine. 
  • Rail and road transportation is possible. TIR Truck authorized and restriction of delivery in town center are removed.
  • Borders are opened for cargo, and trucks available upon request despite partial operations (without increase in prices)
  • New direction from Ministry of Interior is to apply alternate traffic based on license plate to reduce traffic
  • Trucks with odd numbers on license plate are allowed to circulate on MON, WED, FRI; even numbers on TUE, THU, SAT. No trucks are allowed on Sunday.
  • Road & Rail: Operating normally. Some limitation due to curfew stoppage hours.
  • All borders are open for cargo movement, no foreigner trucks are allowed to enter Jordan; domestic trucking requires security permits during curfew.
  • Nuwaibeh Border with Egypt closed formally on March 30
Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • Circular is active. Only trucks with KSA plate are allowed to cross boarders. A letter from consignee(s) in KSA is required, arranging KSA trucks collect swap at border inbound.
  • CEVA limit all truck movement to KSA. Given the inbound restrictions to KSA by road minimal operators are willing to allow KSA trucks cross to UAE due to delays in return.
  • All borders closed except Amman and Iraq. Long queuing. 
  • Trucks are limited available, as it is required to use Iraqi truck and driver. Increase rates. 
  • Transport time are extended due to the controls at the entrance and exit points of Istanbul.



  Road Freight
  • Essential goods only with consignee declaration
  • Border Burundi – Rwanda is closed
  • Border Burundi – Tanzania is open for cargo
  • Long queues at the borders, some have been closed
  • Only trucking allowed are those delivering essential commodities and PPE
  • Delay at the border to Uganda
  • Truckers and handling agents are reducing operating hours to accommodate with the downturn
  • Border Rwanda – Burundi is closed, northern corridor impacted
  • Borders to Uganda and Tanzania open
South Africa (RSA)
  • Transporters are moving all goods, non-essential goods are being moved to storage/warehouse facilities and essential cargo to final destination, provided the essential goods customers have issued the transporter their permit to trade.
  • Delay at the border to Kenya (Malabo) due to rigorous screening
  • Queues at the border to DRC at Kasumbalesa
  • Quarantine for drivers from Kazungula and Livingstone to Lusaka
  • Traffic to/from RSA only permitted for those who are carrying essential goods

Asia Pacific

  Road Freight
  • Cross border shipment to Malaysia are still possible and CEVA accepts new request 
  • Ground transportation is stable 
  • All boarder gates are open with few restrictions imposed by some local authorities. Additional handling costs incurred at the borders and longer transit time expected due to heavy traffic congestions at borders.
  • No impact at the moment 
  • Sufficient capacity available.
Vietnam / Cambodia / Thailand
  • Border is open but congested and movement is slow due to new restrictions from VN
  • Overall trucking pick-up/delivery activities are badly hit due to non-availability of truck drivers and local restrictions on movement. Truck movement is allowed only for medicines, perishables and pharmaceuticals. Road movement on Kolkata/Nepal corridor currently closed/Rail available. 
  • Customs clearance only for essential commodities, pharmaceuticals and perishables. Very limited custom and terminal officers report to work. Expect delays in official document handling.
Australia & New Zealand
  • No interstate transport limitation in place and no impact on trucking time cross border.
  • Customer should review their transit time expectation from April 20
  • Reception for casual customer operating hours will be reduced to AM only starting April 20.
  • Reduced services to rural and remote areas.