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Does CEVA Logistics offer internships?

Are you looking for an internship?

CEVA Logistics values the professional integration of people and is committed to their transition to working life. We, therefore, accept internships in a range of different fields at our different sites around the world.

From the start of an internship at CEVA Logistics, trainees are an integral part of our teams and are challenged to solve daily issues. We believe that they can take on different responsibilities in order to gain autonomy and skills.

Find an internship at CEVA Logistics

If you are interested in an internship at CEVA Logistics, you can find more information and apply on the CEVA Interns and Starters webpage. In your application, you will need to prove that you are enterprising, self-sufficient, proactive, able to communicate well, and someone who thinks in terms of solutions. In return, you can be sure that we are open to your ideas and that we will give you responsibilities and opportunities to grow as part of our organisation.

CEVA Logistics invests in leaders of the future!