Digital Live by CEVA Logistics

So you think Ecommerce is booming? Check out its logistics.

The Pandemic’s impact on the state of eCommerce and the online shopping experience. How does that change requirements for logistics?

Digital Live by CEVA Logistics

10th November 2020 - 3:00 PM TO 4:00 PM (CET)

So you think Ecommerce is booming? Check out its logistics.

The pandemic has changed the way the world shops and in many parts of the globe this rush to internet shopping has created a new set of challenges for the supply chain. Can the logistics of eCommerce keep up with the momentum the online shoppers have created?

While retailers suddenly realized they needed a full omni-channel capability and holding inventory close to the point of consumption became vital if there were not to be delays in meeting customer demand, the crucial factor in making this way of operating a success is Logistics. And the logistics matters whether you are a regional retailer or a global conglomerate. There may be different scales of operation and specific niche services which are required by individual businesses but the one overarching factor which, in the long run, will make them all succeed is Logistics.

Where are the booming areas or are they all booming and what’s the best way of making the logistics work?

The implications of the pandemic are still unknown but what is clear is the significant effect it has had on the retail industry in particular. Bricks and mortar is moving online and the shopper experience that was now needs to be an eCommerce store experience. How does that change the logistics?

As one of our regular CEVA Digital Live events, CEO Mathieu Friedberg, and a panel of international experts in their field share the latest insights on topical industry issues.

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