Eco Calculator
Eco Calculator

Eco Calculator

Measure your logistics carbon footprint


CEVA is committed to develop sustainable solutions with the help of digital technologies: enhancing visibility, transparency and awareness on carbon emissions from logistics is one our commitment. CEVA Eco Calculator allows you to estimate a logistics carbon footprint of a shipment via ocean, air or ground.


The information provided is indicative only. CEVA ECO Calculator is based on our partner Searoutes, company developing within the ZeBox, CMA CGM incubator. Searoutes methodology is accredited by the Smart Freight Center.


Estimating your carbon footprint is the first step towards a more sustainable supply chain.

CEVA offers you better ways to handle your supply chain and becoming more sustainable through more balanced economic exchanges, respectful of every human being and the planet.

We believe that sustainability is everyone’s job and that it is the foundation of good management practice, contributing to the long-term success of the company and better risk-adjusted returns for customers.

We offer you different green and sustainable solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain: Green Ocean services, Eco-Skies Alliance, Solar Energy powered warehouses, etc.

Over the past few years, we have taken many initiatives to ensure we live our commitment to developing sustainable solutions and ways of doing business; these initiatives include;

  • Being an active member of the Clean Cargo Working Group
  • Joining the Sustainable Air Freight Alliance (SAFA), which advocates responsible transportation. The SAFA comprises of shipping companies, airlines, and freight forwarders committed to measuring and reducing their carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Joining United Airlines' Eco-Skies Alliance, a first of its kind program involving leading global corporations working with the airline to power future flying in a more sustainable way.

Find out more about our Sustainability approach and our Carbon footprint commitment.