Global Digital Tools to Achieve Local Operational Excellence


In the dynamic world of logistics, operational excellence is the cornerstone of success. In an industry where there is constant movement, customers need and expect a unified service offering, no matter their location. CEVA’s contract logistics team, with its multinational base and global perspective, takes a strategic approach, incorporating a full range of digital solutions to ensure logistical excellence across the full breadth of its activities. 

Many businesses rely on a variety of logistics services, often spanning the globe, for their operations. This requires flexible solutions with high visibility. With a direct and indirect presence in more than 170 countries and 110,000 global employees, CEVA provides regional knowledge and seamless global operations. CEVA leverages a wide range of digital tools to support unique business needs and growth, no matter the location. 

CEVA gives local advantages to its teams and valuable benefits to its customers through developing and standardizing global tools, fed by concrete use-cases. The lessons learned and improved processes add value to these powerful databases which contribute to creating the most optimized solutions for CEVA customers. For example, CEVA warehouse teams boast a repository of more than 11,000 solutions in 20 languages on a proprietary CEVA application.  

CEVA engineers develop global tools for each topic, which underpins the activity on behalf of   customers, making way to offer the best solutions, at the best price and in the most sustainable way. In this way, CEVA teams are experts in both local and global markets. 



For innovation and automation projects within CEVA operations, the company’s engineers developed an application available to all CEVA employees worldwide, which allows them to discover and draw inspiration from existing projects, as well as upload their own locally implemented projects. With this digital tool, solution designers can quickly compare and simulate projects, enabling them to customize and select the most suitable solution for customers from a repository of more than 1,300 innovative cases.

Thanks to these digital tools, CEVA increases efficiency, reduces waste, promotes a culture of innovation and empowers regional teams. Using technology and developing innovative software position CEVA as an industry leader, committed to delivering best-in-class logistics solutions.


Solution Design

Since 2017, CEVA has developed its own proprietary application for designing and pricing projects during the quotation process. Used by hundreds of certified engineers worldwide, each project is archived in the cloud, from where the entire CEVA eam can access it. This enables CEVA solution designers to create solutions based on lessons learned—transferring knowledge seamlessly from one continent to another with just one click. For customers, this guarantees the ability to offer the best of CEVA and provides a high level of transparency for their business.

CEVA’s digital tools serve as an implementation framework for every new customer. Every solution detail is documented to ensure transparency between stakeholders and facilitate smooth operational implementations. This documentation covers warehouse management system (WMS) functionalities, equipment specifications, organizational structure, real estate and more. The application gives CEVA the capacity to monitor the evolution of customers’ logistics activity and adjust the solutions as needed to meet business requirements and optimize efficiencies.


Contract Review

This digital tool aims to provide additional reassurance for customers, so they receive all the benefits detailed within their contract. It offers an overview of performance on the ground to guarantee continuity of benefits provided by CEVA teams. With more than 1,400 contracts in scope, this CEVA tool offers great features:

  • Standard performance control for all customers, contracts and sites 
  • Local and regional management following global support across all necessary departments
  • Overview of each customer as to avoid similar issues in other regions 
  • Improving the customer experience and partnership by having satisfied contract terms

CEVA offers many more tools for solution optimization, training, quotation, etc., which all contribute to the sharing of best practices, experiences and solutions across all CEVA locations. 

The analysis of the data gathered across various global locations and touchpoints is what creates the most value for CEVA customers. With digital analysis of the data, information is processed faster and more efficiently, so it can be quickly put into practice. CEVA teams gain actionable insights to support their daily activities, as well as driving unified improvements across regions, countries and contract levels. This data-driven approach ensures that CEVA adapts and anticipates, staying ahead of operational challenges.

In summary, CEVA serves as a prime example of how unified digital tools act as the linchpin for operational excellence in the logistics industry. Through the streamlining of operations, efficiency enhancement, strategic use of data analytics, cost reduction, and gaining a competitive edge, CEVA stands as a testament to the transformative impact of digital tools on a global scale. Particularly crucial during challenging times with cost constraints, these tools not only optimize operations but also position CEVA as a leader adept at navigating the complexities of the logistics landscape.

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