CEVA Batteries Solutions
CEVA Batteries Solutions


Supercharge your battery supply chain

CEVA Batteries Solutions

First logistics provider to be awarded CEIV LiBa Certification by IATA

The rapidly evolving sectors of technology, renewable energy and sustainable solutions are driving up demand for lithium batteries. 100 million cars will be electric by 2030 while the demand for technology and healthcare devices is also growing. To keep up with these market trends, lithium battery production will increase tenfold over the next 15 years, as will the need for battery transport and warehousing.

Li-ion batteries logistics is complex and highly regulated.  This means it’s essential to select a trusted supplier with the capabilities and knowledge to ensure your lithium batteries are properly handled throughout the supply chain. You need your batteries to arrive intact and on-time, to guarantee the continuity of your business.

This is where our new CEVA Batteries solution can help. We have designed this solution by combining our recognized expertise in the automotive and technology sectors, with our extensive knowledge of compliance and dangerous goods management. Our expert teams across the world are now ready to guarantee the security of your lithium battery supply chain. We take care of all the challenges for you, including complex handling and storing requirements, the hazards of damaged and defective batteries, capacity constraints and volume restrictions, as well as domestic and international regulations.

CEVA Batteries Solutions
Supercharge your battery supply chain



What we do for you

We provide you with a complete set of secured, efficient and compliant battery logistics services, specially designed to meet the challenges of your global end-to-end battery supply chain. We can cater for all types and sizes of lithium battery, and for sectors such as automotive, technology, healthcare, industrial and aerospace, consumer and retail.

Contract Logistics iconicon
Contract Logistics
  • Lithium batteries warehousing
    • High standards of warehousing in line with applicable Dangerous Goods (DG) regulations and fire codes
    • Dedicated or shared customizable warehouses for cells, battery modules and battery packs
    • Equipped with appropriate sprinkler and fire extinguishing system, fire detector, smoke and heat ventilation system, temperature and humidity control to guarantee the lifespan of the batteries, coated flooring, no floor drains
    • Specific storage devices for damaged and defective li-ion batteries
    • Aftermarket warehousing (returns, recycling, refurbishment).
  • Inbound lithium batteries transport appropriate for DG: equipped with shock, temperature and humidity monitoring and control
  • Inbound to manufacturing: tailored or standardized proven operations with highly- trained staff and pro-active management processes to ensure compliance with quality requirements.
  • Manufacturing support
  • Value Added Services (VAS)
    • CEVA warehouse tailored to lithium-ion batteries
    • Battery charging and voltage control 
    • Fire containment packaging.
Air Freight iconicon
Air Freight

Expertise in shipping lithium batteries by air — we are the first and only logistics provider to be awarded the CEIV Lithium Battery certification by IATA

  • Seven air stations certified by IATA - Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Incheon, Shanghai (PVG), Singapore and Tokyo - with more on the way by the end of 2022
  • CEIV certification available on all our air freight services — Air Now, Air Premium and Air Priority
  • Expert teams, specifically trained in shipping li-ion cells and batteries
  • Fire containment packaging and fire containment blankets to minimize the risk of in-flight air cargo fires. This includes fire containment covers and bags designed for use on pallets or within containers, awarded with a Technical Standard Order (TSO-C203) by the FAA and European Technical Standard Order (ETSO-C203) by EASA.
Ocean Freight iconicon
Ocean Freight
  • Full-Container Load (FCL) and Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipments available  
  • FCL
    • Operating with multiple carriers and with all Shipping Lines Alliances
    • Serving 237 countries, door-to-door
    • A service level to suit everyone: from a low-cost standardized service to a premium service that is fully tailor-made.
  • LCL
    • Our global network of LCL specialists covers 1000 locations and 10,000 port pairs, providing weekly, direct door-to-door solutions
    • The fastest LCL service between China and the US
    • Premium or Regular LCL services available, to suit your needs
    • Customs brokerage and insurance also available
  • Temperature controlled containers (reefer):
    • Access to extensive reefer facilities — our parent company, CMA CGM, is the world’s third largest reefer transporter
    • Temperatures are checked regularly so we can react quickly if problems arise.


Ground and Rail Freight iconicon
Ground and Rail Freight
  • Ground Freight
    • A large network of ground services, made up of owned and operated assets
    • TIR Direct Trucking and multimodal solutions – an efficient alternative for transporting lithium batteries between Europe and China
    • Value Added Services like pre-labelling, sequenced delivery options, pool distribution and last mile delivery
    • Pick-up and delivery services aligned with ocean freight schedules
    • Temperature controlled containers (reefer):
      • Access to extensive reefer facilities — our parent company, CMA CGM, is the world’s third largest reefer transporter
      • We guarantee temperatures ranging from -40°C to +30°C
      • Temperatures are checked regularly so we can react quickly if problems arise.
  • Rail Freight
    • An efficient, lower-cost alternative to sea freight for transporting lithium batteries between Europe and China
    • Service options include Regular Full-Container Load (FCL), Regular Less-than-Container Load (LCL) and Block train
    • Stable, weekly train departures with predictable transit times
    • Shortsea connections with Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan and Korea
    • Consolidation and customs services
    • A dedicated team monitoring each move to ensure no delays.


Other Freight Services iconicon
Other Freight Services

Temperature and humidity control, ocean freight, air freight, TIR Direct Trucking and multimodal solutions.

  • Customs Services
    • Customs brokerage: professional import and export trade solutions
    • DG compliant with knowledge of global and local regulations, and effective coordination and collaboration with local authorities. Certified in all major security programs, including C-TPAT
    • Tailor-made solutions 
    • Worldwide coverage and a team of certified customs brokers in 40 countries.
  • Web-enabled tracking solutions
  • CEVA loading capabilities for lithium batteries
    • Pallets repacking
    • Honeycomb panels
    • Wooden board
    • Mesh solution
    • Container seal.


CEVA Batteries Solutions


  • Reliable and compliant end-to-end solutions for lithium-ion batteries, throughout their lifecycle
  • All transportation modes available
  • A broad range of Value Added Services
  • CEVA’s extensive network: local experts strategically placed worldwide
  • Certified processes and systems to guarantee the management of complex DG regulations
  • Team of battery logistics and DG experts ready to design a solution that meets the complex transport and handling requirements for lithium batteries.
  • Regular DG training to guarantee compliance with handling and storing requirements for lithium batteries
  • In-depth knowledge of global and local safety and compliance regulations for the handling and transportation of lithium-ion batteries 
  • Compliant with local, state, federal and international regulations. Certified with ISO9001/ ISO 14401 Environmental /OHSAS18001 Safety (Moving to ISO45001 in Nov 2021)



  • CEVA is the first logistics provider to be awarded the new CEIV Lithium Batteries certification from IATA. This demonstrates our  excellence in operations and compliance
  • Fully trained Dangerous Goods (DG) and Health and Safety Executive professionals in each country and station
  • Unique capabilities and expertise in handling lithium batteries to guarantee battery supply chains
  • Highly compliant warehouses and freight management solutions.
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CEIV LiBA Certification by IATA

Our new CEIV Lithium Battery certification confirms our operational excellence and quality management standards in handling and transporting lithium battery shipments

This certification demonstrates we comply with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), IATA Shipping Lithium Battery Guidelines (SLBG), as well as international standards and best practices.

Our trained and experienced air freight experts are here to ensure your lithium batteries are delivered on time and in excellent condition. We currently have seven certified locations — Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Incheon, Shanghai (PVG), Singapore and Tokyo  — and are working towards certifying more.  CEIV Liba certification applies to all our air core offer, which offers you a choice of products and delivery speeds to match your requirements.


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