Supply Chain

Engineering Winning Solutions

Bold partnership fueled by passion and drives for excellence

A bold partnership to engineer winning solutions

The world of racing and logistics share a common ground where solid preparation, anticipation and reliability are the critical ingredients for victory. It’s not the individual talent but our collective efforts and team spirit that leads us to the finish line.
The partnership between Scuderia Ferrari and CEVA Logistics unites racing and logistics leaders in our drives for excellence. At CEVA Logistics, we take every step of this partnership, just like behind every race, as the chance to prove our best. We pair passion with excellence. Building on our wealth of experience, we face complex challenges head on and confidently set the course of action to reach beyond our limits, either on or off the track.

Beyond that, this partnership unites Scuderia Ferrari’s and CEVA Logistics’ journey towards a sustainable future. Under the leadership of the CMA CGM Group, its parent company, CEVA Logistics, is strongly committed to protecting the environment. The CMA CGM Group has committed to becoming Net zero carbon by 2050. Across the Formula One season, CEVA Logistics will utilize LNG-powered vessels for Scuderia Ferrari’s Sea shipments to race sites worldwide. Meanwhile, Scuderia Ferrari’s F1 engines will be powered by ethanol fuel starting this year. By 2026, the race cars will be using biofuels, and by 2030, Formula 1 aims to be Net zero carbon.