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Our IT mission is to provide the best support for our business to add value for our customers. IT is positioned as an Unique Selling Point to our customers because of the excellent service offering delivered by our IT professionals. To be able to do this we have standardized our IT Service offering and make sure we stay up-to-date with new emerging technologies. The IT Strategy is based upon the following pillars: - IT is an enabler to deliver the group’s strategy - Digitalization is one of the key drivers for increasing the value we deliver to our customers - Data analytics to pro-actively optimize our customers’ supply chains, support them to decrease their logistics’ spend and increase the service level to their end consumer IT is the vital link between every part of our business. Join us in making those connections stronger every day.

Areas & Positions


Customer Engagement

Joining Customer Engagement around the globe, you are in regular contact with our customers to truly understand their requirements and to ensure that there is a perfect fit with the functionalities delivered through our strategic IT solutions. 

Build up your network with close customer relationships by: 

  • Supporting sales with providing our customers with the best solutions
  • Interacting with our Centers of Excellence to enhance our product roadmap
  • Manage Projects to implement customer needs according to the agreed plans and emable the customer to benefit from our great solutions

Center of Excellence

Joining IT Center of Excellence you are in direct contact with the business owners of our products (Air, Ocean, Ground & Rail, Contract Logistics and Corporate Solutions) and you are part of the team that defines and enhances our product roadmap. 

Increase value for our customers by: 

  • Defining the roadmap and managing the IT Solutions based upon the requirements of our business
  • Building the IT Solutions according to the roadmap 
  • Overseeing or executing the delivery of the solutions into the regions
  • Leveraging the shared capabilities functions for the run of services

Infrastructure & Application Support

Joining Infrastructure & Application Support, you will be working with the data center, via our state-of-the-art SD-WAN network to the many sites we have, including all the local infrastructure in place. 

Delivering reliable solutions and service for our internal and external customers. 

  • Acting as 1st line helpdesk, answering customer requests against the highest quality standard 
  • Providing 2nd line support for all our key applications and all the supporting suppliers we have
  • Ensuring that the business and customers are satisfied with all the services delivered

Strategic Management

Joining Strategic Management, you will go beyond and support the entire organization delivering the correct guidelines on our IT business. Whether it relates to Enterprise Architecture, PMO or Service Management, you will support overall performance throughout the whole organization. 

Plan, guide & control the overall IT performance through

  • Supervising Digital & Innovation projects
  • Supervising Enterprise Architecture (both at a functional and technical level) solutions
  • Provide on-demand Management & PMO strategies

Cyber Security

Joining Cyber Security, you are at the heart of our IT security and you will support the entire organisation working in a safe way. You will guide users and create awareness throughout the whole organisation. Protecting our computer systems & networks from theft or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from any disruption or misdirection is an essential role. 

Protect our systems and networks by: 

  • Managing Cyber Security throughout the whole organisation for a best in class business 
  • Create awareness, guide usage and train people throughout the whole organisation
  • Strong advice on prevention or adequate mitigation measures 

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