Careers in Finance

Budgets, Audits, Risk and reward - it all adds up

Careers in Finance

A career in finance isn't all about money, though it does start there. The Finance team at CEVA is one of the major pillars for the success of our business. We challenge business decisions from a financial point of view, monitor budgets, avoide financial risks and leverage saving potentials in everything we do.

Areas & Positions



Joining Accounting, you will carry  out accounting of financial transactions, such as accounts payable, payroll, depreciation and amortization, interest and taxes. 

Create positive financial impact by: 


  • Ensuring production of financial statements and coordinating with other departments (legal, tax, operations) for major accounting
  • Producing and monitoring the underlying accounting data for the budget 
  • Defining methodology and providing explanation for Management Fees calculation

Business Controlling

Joining Business Controlling, you will define and ensure implementation of metrics, KPIs and ratio definition and variance analyses within the respective geographical and product/function scope

Create positive financial impact by:

  • Defining and managing monthly reporting, budget, forecasts and other planned processes 
  • Calculating business cases for new products, contracts and/or locations
  • Managing cost types and cost centers
  • Identifying potential savings


Joining Tax, you will ensure an optimized and sustainable tax structure, and be responsible for tax matters including compliance with tax rules and regulations and reliable tax reporting in consolidated financial statements. 

Create positive financial impact by:

  • Ensuring the correct transactional taxes (GST, VAT, State tax, etc.) and the implementation of robust controls in place.
  • Flagging tax risks for review and ensure controls are in place in order to mitigate tax risks 
  • Monitoring changes in tax legislation, consider impact on CEVA’s tax position and take action, if necessary    


Joining Treasury, you will ensure management of cash and liquidity, including design, operation and optimization of the cash pooling, management of daylight and overnight overdrafts, and intercompany funding. 

Create positive financial impact by:

  • Deciding and implementing cash circulation within the group, including recapitalization of subsidiaries and dividend distribution
  • Managing and optimizing of working capital including overdue collection and payables optimization
  • Monitoring FX and interest rate risk exposures and execute hedging strategies
  • Ensuring daily management of asset-backed financing, including securitization programs and factoring at Group & Holding company levels

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