Celebrating International Women’s Day

Meet Maria Del Carmen Hicks

Truck Driver, United States


What is your current position in the logistics industry?

I am a Class A CDL truck driver.


How long have you been working in this industry?

I have been truck driving for 13 years.


Did a trigger make you choose this industry or get to your current position in the sector?

Yes, my finances in 2010. I was working for a company doing deliveries under a regular license, but it didn’t pay much and I had to work split shifts. I wanted a steady schedule and better pay.

Could you describe a challenge you had to face being a woman in a still male-dominated industry?

When I started truck driving, I had just gotten my license. I went to drive in the oil fields, I asked a man on the rig if he could help me. He looked at me and said, " you want to work in a man’s world, you’re going to work like a man". Since that day forward, I didn't look back - I strived to prove that a woman can do the job just like a man. I was upset but I thank that man because I learned to have thick skin and strive for the best.

In your opinion, what are the biggest misconceptions about women in logistics?

That us women cannot do the long driving, or that most are unsafe drivers because people think "oh it's a woman driver", just because we take more precautions when it comes to driving.


Maria del Carmen


What traits or actions are key for women who want to succeed in supply chain?

Have a thick skin. Don't put your emotions in the job. Don’t be intimidated by men when they are teaching you a safe way or another way to do the job. Take it as help and use whatever advice they give you because it is given to you for safety reasons or for making the job easier.


Did you have a role model as a little girl? Who was it?

I didn't grow up having role models, I grew up having people I didn't want to be like and seeing situations I'd never want to be in.


How is CEVA attracting women to the sector?

Woman are coming to this industry for financial gain and benefits. Being a truck driver still allows people like me to dress and be ourselves and still know we are respectable woman. Female truck drivers don’t have to dress like men to be truck drivers.


What could be improved?

For families that have children and want to be able to provide for them, internal childcare services or even an allowance for them to be able to afford would be appreciated - one less stress on families or single parents.


Why do you think women are key in logistics? 

Because women are more flexible, such as myself. I can run routes and if needed in the yard to move trailers. I am able to move/swap trailers on the yard. Also, if needed in the office for personnel I am able to help in all areas.


Why does the logistics industry represent great career opportunities for women?

Because this industry is constantly growing and there is always freight to be transported. Women are easier to speak to and ask questions, when sometimes men don't want to ask other man for help. That's where the leadership comes in, the more you get familiar with the industry the more you can show others.


What advice would you give to women interested in working in logistics?  

Go out there and enjoy what you do, and you will never work a day in your life.



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