diversity & inclusion
diversity & inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

We promote respect and foster equal opportunities


Diversity and Inclusion is in CEVA’s DNA and strongly promoted because we are represented by our employees all over the world and service a diverse pallet of customers.

Equal opportunities for everyone

CEVA Logistics is a vast global business of 110,000 employees, representing every race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or belief, nationality and ethnicity.

We recognize that people from different backgrounds and with different experiences and skills contribute new knowledge and perspectives that improve our service offerings and business practices and strengthen relationships with our diverse customers.

We work to provide a positive environment in which every employee feels valued and respected and is supported in reaching their full potential. We walk the talk.

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Beyond words, we are taking concrete action

A regional approach allows CEVA Logistics to "think globally and act locally” in the planning and implementation of actions relevant to the circumstances, cultures and laws of each region. Here are some examples of how CEVA Logistics practices Diversity & Inclusion around the world:

Discover how we practice diversity and inclusion around the world


CEVA Logistics is committed to promoting and valuing diversity and inclusiveness in our workforce. One of the key priorities in our program is Gender equality. In accordance with the French regulation to foster equality between women and men at the workplace, CEVA Logistics France has conducted an assessment on the Equality Index for Women & Men based on four key performance indicators. The result revealed overall score of 83 out of 100 points for the year 2023. 

Key Indicators:
  • Salary base gap between women and men (Score: 38/40)
  • Individual salary increase gap between women and men (Score: 20/20)
  • Promotion gap between women and men (Score: 10/15)
  • Percentage of employees who benefitted from a salary increase when returning from maternity leave (Score: 15/15)
  • Number of women and men in the Top 10 highest salaries (Score: 0/10)


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In Portugal and Spain (Iberia), Gender equality initiatives include annual commemoration of International Women's Day and International LGBT Pride Day; workshops and online training on equality, sexual harrassment and work life balance.

Disability equality Initiatives include commemorating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and working with associations such as Adisli,  Down Espana and Apsuria, to hear the experiences of affected individuals in the workplace, helping CEVA to become a more inclusive employer through better understanding of disability challenges.

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For the past three years, CEVA Logistics UK has publicly reported its gender pay gap information. The number of women in its upper and upper middle pay quartiles has increased, reflecting growth in the number of women employed in senior roles.

It has established an internal Female Networking Group in partnership with Women in Logistics and continues its support of the NOVUS programme, in a bid to make its business and the logistics sector more attractive to women.

CEVA UK is a signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant, which is a pledge to those who serve or have served in the armed forces, and their families, that they will be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society which they serve with their lives.

In the UK, CEVA encourages recruitment from diverse backgrounds by raising awareness in its local communities and promoting careers in Logistics for school leavers and young people.

CEVA UK is a signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant


CEVA Logsitics North America celebrates and supports a variety of events that highlight diversity and inclusivity, including Black History Month, Remembrance Day (Canada), Veterans Day (USA), International Day of Families, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day (Mexico, USA and Canada), Children’s Day (Mexico) and Wear Red Day.

CEVA North America has instigated a Veterans Placement Project led by combat zone veterans. In the first few months of its operation, 10 Vets have been reviewed, and 3 hired. In addition, CEVA North America supports Next Op – a non-profit organization whose mission is finding full-time employment for Veterans.


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