Across CEVA Logistics we are always looking for talent to grow with us. No matter if you are a student looking for an internship, an assignment to work on during your studies, a job as a young professional or a challenging traineeship? CEVA Logistics values the talent of young people and is committed to their transition to working life. Throughout this experience, we help our young talent to learn and grow in the ever-changing logistics environment. Join a company which is always moving forward. At CEVA Logistics everybody is welcome – diversity, people and respect are the roots of our success.


CEVA Logistics, is one of the leading companies in the logistics industry. CEVA Logistics values the talent of young people and is committed to their transition to working life. Throughout this experience, we help our young talent to learn and grow in the ever-changing logistics environment. What we pay attention to is “Growth and Vision”. Because we at CEVA have a clear ambition to grow along with our company and business, we pay a great deal of attention to our talent and their development. Join a company which is always moving forward.


Does your ambition meet our expectations? 

Would you like to start your career at one of the largest Logistics Service Providers in the world? Are you looking for a company where you can develop into a future leader or specialist in the logistics field? Then we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you!

Two years of development and traineeship activities. We believe in learning by doing ;  discovering everything about CEVA whilst developing yourself with a personal development plan. You’ll develop skills, expertise and leadership by obtaining your Green Belt and via our CEVA Leadership Development Program. Over the course of two years you’ll be working in three different locations, in three different positions and product lines. During this two year program you and your fellow trainees will work on different group assignments focused on operations, tactics, strategies and consultancy. Training days will be organized and focused on different competences: we believe these competencies are essential for our future leaders and specialists. By organizing regular safaries you will get familiar with the organization really quickly and we’ll provide you  an insight on the journey you can make within CEVA Logistics.

Personal development

The main focus of the traineeship will be your personal and professional development. We focus on three types of learning:

  • Learning by individual and team training and courses. 
  • Learning from others, coaching, mentoring, Yung CEVA Network.
  • Learning on the job individual assignments, job rotation and site visits.

Excellent Onboarding & Fun

A great start of your traineeship. Eight days to get to learn all about the organization, which shows you everything you need to know for your start at CEVA. During the kick-off we will take you on a CEVA-journey during which you and your fellow trainees will get to know each other intensively. This will take place in an outdoor setting somewhere in the Benelux. During this week you will be stretched and challenged on a personal level and you will be working on your team effectiveness as well. Let’s see how nature can help us on our way to leadership. We will immediately start with a few training courses and introduce you to our CEVA Onboarding app.
If you have any questions about the traineeship, please contact the Recruitment team in the Benelux;

Five tips to make your ambitions comes true

I started my career 15 years ago as a trainee. For me this was a deliberate decision, I wanted to work for an international company where you would immediately get responsibility. That suits me, I was (and am) ambitious. If that’s the case, then you should be working in an environment where      you’re in control of your career. For me CEVA has exactly that culture. But how do you make sure that you really are in control of your own career? Here’s five tips from me. 

1. You decide 
As a Trainee you get the opportunity to look around within the company. To find out what you really like and which elements give you energy. Stay curious!  By asking questions you get to know more about other people and about the company. That way you keep learning and really get to know what position you would like to do next.

 2. Get out of the comfort zone
 I agree, sometimes it is nice to keep doing things the way you always used to do. But this does not always take you further in life. Make sure you come up with new solutions and dare to step forward with these initiatives. Not only do you learn from that, we do as well! Our LEAN culture is central to CEVA, this means that continuous improvement is in our DNA. Is this the same for you as well? 

3. Stay true to yourself 
What drives you and what makes you happy? These questions will pop into your mind when you’re looking for a suitable job. Make decisions that suit you best and follow your heart. But…. do challenge yourself! , Make mistakes and most importantly: learn from it! 

4. Take your time 
Give yourself the opportunity to learn. When you follow your ambitions, you’ll make it in the end. Even if this takes some more time than you’d prefer. Enjoy your career and make the most of it. Try to do this day in, day out. Celebrate your successes. If you hurry too much there is a change you don’t truly master a skill.

5. Learn from your colleagues 
You can’t do everything yourself. You need your colleagues to get the desired results. Together you’re a team, so keep learning from your colleagues. 20% of everything you learn is learning from others through a variety of activities like social learning, coaching and mentoring. Ask your colleagues for advice, learn from their qualities and most importantly: give and receive feedback. Only then you will position yourself in such a way that you can give your career a true boost. 
How far do you want to go? Good luck!

Ralf de Wit
Vice President HR Region Europe


Don’t worry that, as an intern, you’ll be stuck making coffee or doing photocopies. We would far rather use your actual skills in order to help solve important issues. With us, you can get a work placement, follow an internship, or graduate in a relevant subject. We offer internships in all our job areas. You will be challenged to think and work with us as a full member of the team. Because we want to hear your advice and suggestions, you’ll need to be an independent and proactive student.


During your internship, we invest time and attention in your training with an eye to your future. We want you to have a clear picture of the company and the role that you could play in it. You can join our introduction program for new employees, and you will be invited to our ‘Intern event’ somewhere in the Benelux.