People at CEVA Logistics
People at CEVA Logistics

CEVA's Talent Approach

At CEVA Logistics we recognize and utilize each individual’s talent


People are key to our business, and CEVA empowers its people: so they view working here as a career and not just a job. Your successes are noticed and celebrated.

People are key to our business

Following an initial warm welcome and our thorough onboarding process, we support your personal development by regular training. We have great internal training programs and are building our business and functional curricula all the time. Management training is conducted all over the world and is supported by our Learning Management System. 

Your feedback is vital, and we hold regular feedback sessions with you throughout the year, focused on achieving your personal growth, and exploring possibilities, while addressing your personal needs. For CEVA this translates in continuous improvement of our business results reflected in your personal growth. 

CEVA Logistics

We help you achieve the career success that you want

We know our performance as a company depends on a happy, motivated and valued workforce. And we do everything possible to create an environment which is stimulating and rewarding. Here’s how one of our team feels about her career at CEVA: 


CEVA Logistics: a place of opportunity

People are key to our business, and CEVA wants to empower its people: here’s how one of our employee feels about her career at CEVA.