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Life at CEVA Logistics is all about the pursuit of excellence, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We take pride in going the extra mile for our clients, and Chinnu, an Operations Professional in Dubai, embodies this spirit of excellence. His story is a testament to dedication and growth in a supportive environment, where we all dare to reach new heights.

Anticipating Needs: A Proactive Pursuit of Excellence

Chinnu possesses an extraordinary gift – the ability to anticipate our clients' needs. He's consistently a step ahead, understanding their communication requirements and taking action before they even ask. With 15 years of experience, including a year at CEVA Logistics, Chinnu personifies our core value: Excellence.

Chinnu's unwavering dedication to excellence is reflected in the testimonials he receives from our clients. These testimonials are more than words; they are proof of his commitment to delivering top-notch service and consistently going above and beyond.

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Client Testimonials: 

"Chinnu's proactive approach and dedication to excellence have transformed the way we do business. We couldn't be happier with his service."

“Extremely happy with your professional service. You are very supportive, proactive, and agile. Please keep up the good work.”

“I would like to appreciate your excellent team’s effort on shipment moving from UAE to Qatar. Jiss George & Chinnu Zachariah Matthew managed to work as a team and secured us a last-minute booking so that we can meet the RDD of our operations in Qatar. Knowing it was a last-minute call and a cut-off was already over to catch the same day flight, but still they managed to secure us a booking.”   

Constant Communication

Chinnu's approach is simple yet incredibly effective – be proactive in serving our clients. He's always one step ahead, offering solutions before questions are even asked. As Chinnu puts it, "In my role, constant communication is key because the arrival time of cargo to the project site plays a crucial role in the overall success of our clients’ projects. I believe in being one step ahead, ensuring our clients are always well-informed. Their success is our success. " His proactive engagement and pursuit of excellence played a pivotal role in extending a critical three-year contract with a significant energy client.

Chinnu enjoys the autonomy and trust of his manager, which fosters direct, unconstrained and meaningful client interactions. He thrives in an environment where he is trusted to manage communication and relationships with high-profile clients.  This trust empowers him to excel in a collaborative, customer-centric environment. For Chinnu, motivation comes from the appreciation he receives from clients and colleagues. "Customer appreciation is what keeps me pushing for excellence every day. Their positive feedback fuels my determination to exceed expectations."

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A Seamless Transition and Motivation to Excel

Chinnu has found a true home at CEVA Logistics. CEVA's transparent onboarding process, complete with a clear handover, ensured a smooth transition. Thanks to this seamless onboarding, Chinnu was quickly operational and ready to optimize customer communication, reflecting his commitment to continuous improvement.
"I believe in continuous improvement, and that's why I suggested the implementation of more automated daily updates to enhance customer communication."

CEVA Logistics actively encourages employees to suggest innovations, and Chinnu has been a catalyst for change. His focus on customer communication led to the implementation of more automated daily updates through a new SharePoint site. This progress underscores Chinnu's commitment to continuously enhance customer communication.

Plan, Prepare, Focus: The Blueprint for Success

In Chinnu's own words, success can be distilled into two simple yet profound steps: "Be prepared and be focused." These principles embody his commitment to excellence and shape his vision for the future. As he aspires to grow into the role of Operations Manager, he envisions a path that allows him to maintain strategic connections with clients, ensuring a continued focus on excellence while taking on a more strategic role in operations.

Chinnu exemplifies a commitment to delivering excellent service, and actively pursuing personal and professional growth within the organization. His journey perfectly encapsulates the fusion of CEVA's core value – Excellence, and the promise of "Dare to Grow."

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Join us at CEVA Logistics and Dare to Grow!

Experience excellence and seize the opportunity to be part of a thriving team. Your journey to achieving your best starts here.

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