Your path to growth
Your path to growth

Elevating Employee Skills through Training

Greater China Learning Center show CEVA’s Pursuit of Excellence in Training

CEVA is committed to excellence in every field, business line, department or activity. One of the best examples of CEVA’s pursuit of excellence, to elevate employee skills through training, is the Greater China Learning Center. The team there wanted to find the best solution for the different learning needs of the employees in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to develop their full potential in the various areas of competency.

What does the Learning Center offer? 

The Greater China Learning Center has different functions. It provides the guidelines and policies related to learning and development, and supports local teams in designing training courses and/or selecting learning vendors too. The Center also monitors the implementation of all the different learning activities at CEVA Greater China level. When it comes to the content learning offer in general, the Greater China Learning Center offers three types of training streams: Product Stream, Function Stream and General Stream. 

The GC Learning Center combines a mix of training topics, such as leadership programs, business skills, interpersonal skills and onboarding projects to assist employees in their personal growth and career development.  

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In order to provide the best learning solutions to meet different developmental needs, internal and external course resources, along with industry experts provide a variety of different learning formats, from group training, workshops, sandbox environments, role play and more.  

In addition to the rich network of CEVA’s internal experts that are part of the Volunteer Trainers Program, one of the internal resources that the GC Learning Center promotes is the Group e-learning platform, CMA CGM Academy, which empowers employees to engage in self-directed learning. 

As part of monitoring all the training, the GC Learning Center verifies the training effectiveness per need, with different methods of assessment; for example quizzes tests, Q&A and hands-on operations that are implemented after training sessions. 


Great success 

In 2023, 1,300 employees were part of the GC Learning Community. Almost 91% of employees participated in at least one training session and the majority of them took advantage of the three days of training a year that CEVA offers them.  

With an average of four training sessions per week organized in 2023, the next step for the GC Learning Center is to build a rich resource library of learning options, as well as becoming a platform for internal trainers and active learners to showcase and exchange ideas. This is how the GC Leaning Center aims to boost the culture of continuous learning, which will equip CEVA’s people to pursue excellence.