Your path to growth
Your path to growth

Dare to Lead: Frontline Leadership

At CEVA Logistics, learning is a transformative journey that demands determination and courage at times, in order to develop effectively.

A great example of workplace learning that you can find within CEVA, is our Dare to Lead frontline leadership program, which showcases how CEVA prepares its workforce for thriving careers while cultivating human-focused leaders.

Nurturing Leaders, Shaping Futures

Dare to Lead is a development program tailored for frontline leaders transitioning from operational roles. The program stands as a testament to our commitment to providing essential leadership skills and nurturing the talent of our people, irrespective of their educational or professional background. If they show leadership qualities, we want to provide them the environment to explore those possibilities.

Navigating the transition from operational roles to leadership positions can be challenging. Dare to Lead offers insight into the responsibilities and expectations we have of leaders at CEVA, ensuring a smooth and confident role transition. New leaders are equipped with practical tools and insights, accelerating their journey to full productivity and empowering agile management. The program focuses on developing the essential skills required for effective team management, minimizing turnover and reducing any stress associated with the new role.

Dare to lead


Safe Development Environment

Creating a secure space for practice, exploration, and learning from mistakes is crucial. Dare to Lead offers simulations and case studies to practice practical problem-solving, fostering a safe environment for development. Comprehensive knowledge and tools are provided, empowering leaders to manage teams effectively. From communication and delegation to motivation and conflict resolution, the program addresses the crucial skills needed for success.

The program sets clear goals for participants, ensuring they are well-equipped to fulfill their roles, foster effective teamwork, and treat individuals with the utmost consideration.

Participants undergo a Predictive Index online psychometric test, engage in practical group assignments between modules, and receive a program certification upon completion.

Real Impact: Dare to Lead in Action

Feedback from our teams highlights the success of Dare to Lead. With two editions, the Golden Edition running from September to June and the Winter Edition from January to September, we've witnessed exceptional participation and engagement.

"The analysis of our examples instead of artificial ones is very good."

“The training was interesting, and motivating, it provided me with new knowledge, which I will try to use."

"Not book knowledge, but based on our examples that we deal with every day."

The participants rated the training highly, with an outstanding score of 4.70 out of 5. Their feedback emphasizes the practical applicability of the program, focusing on real-world examples and encouraging active participation.

Dare to lead


Empowering Growth

At the heart of CEVA's philosophy is an unwavering belief in the transformative power of continuous learning for personal and professional growth. Dare to Lead isn't just a program; it's a firm commitment to setting an example. We cultivate a culture where everyone is encouraged and empowered to evolve, excel, and lead with purpose. Celebrating the courageous strides our employees take in their learning journeys, Dare to Lead embodies this boldness, urging individuals to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the path to success. It's about pushing boundaries, taking risks, and discovering untapped potential that transforms careers.

Embark on the Adventure: Shaping Tomorrow with CEVA

Join us in a company that not only dares to lead and grow but also empowers through continuous learning. Your journey toward empowerment awaits. Together we can shape a bold future. Make CEVA Logistics your destination for growth, and let the adventure begin.