Your path to growth
Your path to growth

Bridging Borders

CEVA Logistics Fosters Global Communication with Language Learning Initiatives

At CEVA Logistics, our commitment to fostering seamless communication and collaboration across borders is integral to our success. One of the ways we bridge the gap between our headquarters in Marseille, France, and our teams in North America is through our language learning initiatives. Let's delve into how CEVA is breaking down linguistic barriers and empowering our employees to thrive in a globalized world.

Empowering Career Growth through Language Learning

CEVA offers director-level and above employees the opportunity to embark on a language learning journey that not only enriches their personal development but also enhances their professional capabilities. Recently, several finance team members who closely collaborate with our Global Headquarters (GHO) in Marseille seized the opportunity to join the first round of language students.

A Transformative Learning Experience

For Eric Kretschman and Jorge Salvador, the language course became a transformative experience that opened doors to enhanced communication and deeper understanding,  encompassing insights into the nuances of French culture, and perspectives of their French counterparts. Jorge Salvador shared, "This experience has helped me understand written French a lot better, which I work with quite often in contracts; it has been very beneficial to my career." This sentiment was echoed by Eric Kretschman, who found the program practical and invaluable for his role in facilitating effective communication with counterparts in Marseille.



Building Bridges Across Continents

As Eric noted, most correspondence with counterparts in France is conducted in English. However, having a grasp of the French language not only facilitates smoother communication but also fosters stronger relationships. With CEVA's emphasis on fostering a culture of inclusivity and understanding, language proficiency becomes a powerful tool for building bridges across continents.

Looking Towards the Future

Eric envisions leveraging his newfound language skills during future visits to Marseille, where he anticipates participating in training sessions, workshops, and corporate networking events. By equipping our employees with proficiency in another language, CEVA not only enhances their professional capabilities but also empowers them to fully immerse themselves in the global business landscape.



A Commitment to Global Connectivity

At CEVA Logistics, we recognize the importance of fostering a truly connected global community. Our language learning initiatives exemplify our dedication to breaking down barriers, fostering mutual understanding, and driving collaboration across borders.

Through initiatives like the language program, we're not only breaking down linguistic barriers but also cultivating a culture of inclusivity, understanding, and collaboration that defines the essence of CEVA's global community.

Join us in daring to grow through learning and unlocking your potential at CEVA Logistics.