Your path to growth
Your path to growth

Boosting Contract Logistics Learning

Boosting Contract Logistics Learning to Elevate Employee Skills

We aspire to excellence in everything we do, and training is no exception. Learning and development (L&D) programs provide a host of benefits, such as enhancing employee performance and boosting productivity.

With 19% of skills becoming obsolete every three years in today's rapidly changing environment, fostering an always-on learning culture is more crucial than ever. The real power of L&D  is in equipping employees to excel in their roles, so they can most effectively contribute to the success of CEVA Logistics. We are a people business, so it’s our responsibility to pursue excellence by training and developing our most valuable asset. We are committed to setting an example by fostering a culture where everyone is encouraged to evolve and excel. A clear example of this is the diverse and complete set of learning tools for our Contract Logistics (CL) employees.

CL excellence in training: best learning solutions adapted to the needs of the different CL teams 

CL learning programs and solutions focus on guiding employees through a comprehensive career plan not only to ensure well-prepared employees, enhancing productivity, but also to demonstrate a genuine commitment to our most valuable assets, our people.

Our aim to support each employee with the necessary tools and knowledge they need to undertake their daily tasks goes beyond any barriers. Since 2018, over 10,000 CL employees from all over the world, at different levels and with diverse profiles have undergone training sessions, from operator/administrator to expert/manager, encompassing professional/supervisor profiles. To facilitate equal access to training programs, materials are translated to accommodate a wide range of linguistic preferences and our goal is to continue expanding our reach by exploring AI solutions that can effectively address the unique language requirements of all our team members.

The CL Business Development team is provided with proven-concept, sector-oriented solutions, which are unique training sessions,  with the aim of setting up a baseline for our Operational Excellence. 


CL Solution Design engineers have powerful tools available to assess our customers’ requirements, in which they are trained and encouraged to develop their skills: from warehouse pricing solutions to best-in-class warehouse layout and simulation software.

Since the goal of the Implementation team  is to perform Zero Defect Start-Ups, specific training sessions regarding methodology have been created to support them in this ambitious task.

Business Process Excellence engineers look after continuous improvement for all CEVA’s customers around the world. What’s the secret behind this? Training in standardization and governance, driven by a Kaizen methodology, where ‘Kai’ stands for change, and ‘zen’ means better. The seeking of small improvements in processes and products, with the objective of increasing quality and reducing waste to the minimum, generates an ongoing cycle of positive change and employee involvement. 

Our Contract Managers have an important role to play in the success of day to day Operations management: in this case specific subjects like profit and loss (P&L) vigilance, business negotiations and follow-up of key performance indicators (KPIs) are subjects for training. 


Our bold approach to training

All CL training programs are tailored to the needs of different employees and teams. But what do they all have in common?  They all have been defined and developed by our experienced teams. 

Boosting collaboration between sales, engineers, system experts and operations to create a training program, allows us to gather the know-how as well as aligning on goals and objectives to achieve strategic ambitions. It also facilitates collaboration and communication across many different parts of the organization, breaking down silos and improving teamwork and cross-functional cooperation. Including a diverse group of stakeholders with a deep understanding and knowledge of processes and tools, as well as a broad range of ideas and perspectives, leads to cost-effective training initiatives that provide a high-quality and quick return on investment.

Training is not only an invitation to learn, but also to create together and to find better ways. In the midst of business reorganization, training helps to better prepare stakeholders, ensure a smoother transition, and increase adaptability to change.



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