Your path to growth
Your path to growth

Empowered Growth through Learning at CEVA Logistics

Aldrey's Success Story

Join us in celebrating the success story of Aldrey Nascimento, a trailblazer who embarked on her career journey as an intern at CEVA Logistics in Brazil. Aldrey's narrative epitomizes our commitment to fostering growth through continuous learning and talent development.

From Intern to Full-time Employee

Aldrey's journey began as an intern, fueled by a passion for learning and a commitment to contributing to the company's success. Her formidable work ethic and eagerness to tackle challenges quickly caught the attention of the Talent Management team.

Unlocking Potential with Learning Programs

Recognizing Aldrey's potential, the Talent Management team provided her with access to a wide range of learning programs. Aldrey eagerly participated in specialized training, including in-depth sessions on compensation and benefits, setting the stage for her remarkable professional growth.

CEVA employee Audrey


Charting a clear career path

As Aldrey transitioned from intern to a full-time role, she continued seizing every opportunity for development. Engaging in programs focused on data analytics, she refined her skills and broadened her expertise, all with the unwavering support of the Talent Management team.

With a clear vision for her career within CEVA Logistics, Aldrey collaborated closely with the Talent Management team to identify growth areas and advancement opportunities. This collaborative effort enabled her to navigate her career path with purpose and determination.

Aldrey's dedication did not go unnoticed. She earned promotions to positions of increasing responsibility, taking on critical roles that significantly contributed to the success of CEVA Logistics. Her journey exemplifies the impact of effective talent management initiatives on individual careers and organizational success.

Aldrey's Impact

Today, Aldrey is a respected professional within CEVA Logistics, serving as a living testament to the company's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering professional growth. Her story is an inspiration to others, showcasing the tangible value of continuous learning and the positive outcomes resulting from effective talent management.

Aldrey Nascimento's Reflection

Having started as an intern, I never imagined the profound impact this company would have on my professional journey. Through CEVA's commitment to learning and development, I've been able to grow and shape my career in ways I never thought possible. The company's investment in its employees has not only allowed me to gain valuable skills and knowledge but has also empowered me to advance to a rewarding position in the Compensation and Benefits area. CEVA's forward-thinking approach to career development and continuous learning has been instrumental in my success. I'm grateful for the opportunities provided and the supportive environment that has allowed me to thrive.

Marcelo Festa's Perspective

As the Head of Talent Management for Latin America at CEVA, our vision for learning and development initiatives is centered around nurturing a culture of continuous growth and empowerment. We believe that investing in our employees' professional development not only benefits individuals but also fosters a more skilled, motivated, and engaged workforce. Our initiatives are designed to provide diverse learning opportunities, such as leadership programs, mentorship, skills training, and access to educational resources. We aim to create a supportive environment where employees feel encouraged to explore new skills, expand their knowledge, and take ownership of their career development.

Aldrey's journey is just one of many success stories within CEVA Logistics. At CEVA Logistics, we provide a supportive environment where individuals like Aldrey can thrive and make a lasting impact.

Join us in daring to grow through learning and unlocking your potential at CEVA Logistics.

CEVA employee Marcelo