CEVA in Italy is the market leader for logistics services in terms of revenues and sites. We operate in all sectors (excluding fresh food) and we provide Contract Logistics, Ground Transportation and Freight Management services through around 75 locations and over 1,400 employees.

CEVA Italy

CEVA believes that the future of the supply chain in Italy is focused on a collaborative approach; sharing infrastructures, networks, people and processes through sector-focused multi-user hubs, enabling customers to face market fluctuations, create savings and provide high service levels. Following this approach since 2010, CEVA has launched multi-customer hubs, City of Books, City of Pharma and TechCity, dedicated to the publishing, healthcare and technology sectors.

  • City of Books, located at Stradella (near Milan), covers an area of 80,000 sq m and it manages over 100 million books, and it has introduced a radical innovation in the distribution framework for the publishing sector. The logistics chain has been shortened thanks to the integration upstream of inbound and finishing activities, with a consequent optimization of flows and a reduction in associated logistical costs. Hosting logistics activities for numerous publishers in a single site also creates a further economically viable solution for customers.
  • City of Pharma, located at Stradella (near Milan) covers an area of 20,000 sq m and it is equipped with the most advanced technological solutions and the most innovative system for temperature control. It is one of the first examples in Italy of a multi-market hub dedicated to healthcare products and it is at the heart of an integrated European logistic network, providing access not just to the whole of Italy, but to other markets throughout Europe.
  • TechCity covers an area of 90,000 sq m and is strategically located in Pognano (near Bergamo), and is fully dedicated to the warehousing, handling and cross docking of products for the electronics sector.
  • TyreCity covers an area of 80,000 sq m and is located in Somaglia (near Milan), and is fully dedicated to the warehousing, handling and cross docking of products in the tire sector.

At CEVA we take a singular view of logistics. We examine every aspect of a supply chain and ask ourselves how we can improve it. Our mission is to reduce the cost of each part of the process, while adding value for our customers.


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