Lead Logistics Provider

Two CEVA men discussingFinding the right fit for you

At CEVA we use our comprehensive logistics expertise and sector knowledge to help you meet increasingly demanding cost and performance targets. As your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) we can manage your supply chain from end to end, using a combination of our own logistics resources and other specialist providers. Above all, we provide the visibility you need to monitor and control your flows every step of the way.  You get the best solutions in the market, whilst you benefit from the simplicity of dealing with a single provider.

We offer:

  • Buying power and the ability to use our volumes to provide the best space availability and prices
  • International presence with expert teams located in your origin country, so we can act as your local representative and manage your suppliers
  • Logistics network design based on a thorough understanding of your business and providing optimum levels of service, efficiency and flexibility
  • Operational excellence through a process-driven approach that delivers consistently high service and a culture of continuous improvement
  • Partner selection so you are working with the most appropriate partner for each link in the supply chain
  • Planning and execution based on the collation and sophisticated analysis of your information flows
  • The latest systems to give you visibility and the assurance your products will arrive on time.

You can benefit from improved lead times and product availability while keeping costs across your supply chain under control.