CEVA Logistics is responding to COVID-19

The effects  of COVID-19 are all around us, and the situation evolves hourly. Even as China emerges from lockdown and its industries and supply chains return slowly to normal, other parts of the world are only now entering new stages of isolation and shutdown in efforts to control the spread of the virus.

How is CEVA responding to this unprecedented situation?

Our first priority is the safety and wellbeing of you, our customers, our partners, as well as our staff. Our prompt action in instigating home-working using our advanced IT system, in banning travel and in limiting meetings to small numbers and only essential matters, have all combined to minimise infection in our 70,000-strong global workforce, and so protect our customer staff and maintain supply chain integrity and continuity.

Supply chain disruption has already been seen, particularly in China-originating products – firstly from a protracted shutdown of industry, and a severe cut-back in air- and oceanfreight capacity; then, by a more recent return to work, but hampered by continuing capacity problems caused by airline service cutbacks and ocean vessels in the wrong locations. This abrupt reversal of the previous supply and demand balance has now caused a spike in freight rates.

Working in this very challenging logistics landscape, CEVA continues to do all it can to assist each and every customer to address their particular needs, and restore disrupted supply chains. We have, for example, just undertaken one of the biggest airlifts in peace-time – successfully securing the charter of no less than 86 wide-body freighter aircraft to move urgent production-line supplies from China to Europe and the USA and within Asia. It was this swift action that ensured our customers could continue operating when many of their competitors could not.

CEVA will continue to leverage its global network, its expert and hardworking workforce, its preferential carrier relationships and its innovation to support customers like you through the difficult months ahead. Whatever your problems, CEVA will stand with you to help resolve them.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing and highly-valued business support. I also re-state our commitment to be your trustworthy and dedicated service partner, through whatever unknown situations may lie ahead of us all. Please feel free to share your needs and your concerns with me: my door is always open.

I end this note by wishing you and your loved ones continuing health and wellbeing.


Mathieu Friedberg,

CEO of CEVA Logistics