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Transforming your aspiration into a reality

Starting your career as a graduate at CEVA will set you on a journey into the world of logistics – where you will experience many opportunities and be challenged to reach your potential.

Through a series of local graduate programs you will learn to understand the supply chain business and how it relates to our customers’ operations. You will be given the opportunity to identify your areas of interest including the chance to experience a range of professions such as warehouse design, transport planning, engineering, finance or managing client relationships. CEVA’s graduate program provides professional advancement that will help develop your career and assist with your future development based on personal performance and potential. 
As part of the graduate scheme, you will receive a structured program that includes a complete induction and robust on-the-job training. You will have the possibility to benefit from work experience abroad and learn from our talented employees all over the world, some of which, like you would have begun their careers CEVA after leaving school. With operations in over 160 countries, the potential for learning and advancement is immense.
Do you aspire to become one of our future business leaders? Or do you want to grow into an expert in your field? You can start your journey right now by contacting our local human resources teams.