Disability program

Leading the way

Disability affects 15% of the population – and is an increasing factor in many aging societies. It touches so many of us – directly or indirectly – that it is hugely relevant to CEVA. We take our social responsibility seriously and recognize the huge contribution people with disabilities can make to our business.

CEVA’s disability program reflects our role in the community. It aims to promote equal opportunities, facilitate fair treatment and prevent discrimination.

Above all, we value the ‘ability’ in ‘disability’ – the unique skills of every individual. We want to increase the number of employees with disabilities by removing the barriers – physical or social – to working for CEVA.

Our definition of disability

There are country-by-country variations in legislation, but this is our global standard:

  • People with restricted mobility
  • People with visual or hearing impairment
  • People living with an ‘invisible’ disability, such as mental health conditions, diabetes or dyslexia.

Recent initiatives

Led by engaged CEVA experts around the world, our Disability Working Group promotes and supports the program.

  • Disability E-Community for mutual support
  • Disability awareness campaign to challenge social assumptions about people with disabilities
  • Disability training on inclusive recruitment and reasonable adjustments/accommodations to line managers
  • Close cooperation with local recruitment associations to encourage employment of disabled candidates.
  • Partnerships with disability groups, including Employers Forum on Disability (Europe) BizLink and SPD (both Asia-Pacific)