Our people

Diversity employees
CEVA fosters an excellence culture, but without our employees it would mean absolutely nothing.

Our employees are passionate, committed and understand and live supply chain excellence. In return, we recognize their efforts, empower them to be supply chain masters and encourage a culture of collaboration.



Equal Opportunity, diversity and inclusion

CEVA is committed to fair hiring and employment practices, and ensuring that all employees have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. We strive to maintain a workplace environment based on merit and inclusiveness.

Child and forced labor

We are committed to ensuring ethical employment practices throughout the world and are committed to the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and principles protecting children and vulnerable adults, from exploitation in the labor market.

We aim to comply with all applicable local and international labor regulations, treaties,
conventions and principles relating to protection, welfare, health and safety.

Employee empowerment and ownership

We operate on the basis of continuous improvement – constantly looking for ways that we can be more efficient, more responsive, less wasteful, more profitable and safer. We use LEAN techniques to drive out waste and inefficiency and use Kaizen, the Japanese term for ‘change for the better’ to identify opportunities for improvement across all areas of our business – not just operations.