Health & safety

At CEVA, our people are our most valuable assets. It is very important to us to ensure that all of our employees can perform their work in safe work environment.

Health and Safety is embedded in our company culture and supported through values and rules. All management, employees and sub-contractors, are expected to live these values and rules in their daily work routines.

Warehouse MaarsenEvery single employee of CEVA is exposed to our sustainability programs and activities, and is empowered to propose and introduce sustainability related initiatives. We have established the Global Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Council comprised of senior Health, Safety and Environmental leaders from across CEVA and supported by the Executive Board can cluster managing directors. The council provides guidance on the direction of our sustainability agenda provides visibility and support across the organization, as well as ensuring consistency with Executive Board priorities and the strategic direction of the company per functional area of the council members involved.

The Cluster and HSE management are responsible for the facilitation and provision of the professional and comprehensive sustainability of health, safety and environment service performance of the company in close consultation with our customers, stakeholders, CEVA management and employees.