Corporate citizenship

CEVA is a responsible global corporate citizen. We take this responsibility very seriously and have a number of policies, guidelines and training materials in place. The aim is to create higher standards of quality of life in the communities in which we operate, while still preserving profitability for our stakeholders.

We promote sustainability by investing in and supporting a robust Compliance and Ethics program, which makes CEVA a better place to work, enables our business to be successful and helps protect our company, our employees, our customers and all our stakeholders.

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct is our governing ethics document. It embodies our high standards of integrity and provides guidelines for legal, regulatory and ethical compliance. The entire document is focused around respect: for each other; our shareholders; our customers, suppliers and other business partners; our communities.

See our Code of Business Conduct (available in various languages).


Our Code clearly sets out our expectations when it comes to anticorruption, as does our Anticorruption Policy. Simply put, we prohibit bribery in all forms, including facilitation payments, and we require accurate books and records.


Similarly to anticorruption, our Code clearly sets out our rules and requirements on
antitrust and fair competition.

See our Antitrust and competition policy (available in various languages).


We are part of communities in which we operate. As a company with a presence in over 170 countries, we are a global citizen with broad responsibilities and we also recognize that working in partnership with local stakeholders is just as important.