Customs Brokerage Services - CFSP Solutions for Imports

Customs Brokerage Services - CFSP Solutions for Imports

We handle several major customers’ brokerage formalities within our specialised Customs Gateway giving an end to end CFSP solution.

Customers that operate special procedures such as IPR, OPR, End-Use will need to have their own CFSP authorisation in place by April 2019 (CEVA can still manage the process)

We act as a central broker giving instructions to 3rd party agents and integrators to complete SFD with CEVA taking charge of SDI.



  • Accelerated clearance/release of arrival shipments 
  • Deferment of Duty and VAT 
  • Accurate classification of goods 
  • Simpler customs documentation 
  • Deferment usage control and management
  • Less paperwork and reduced carbon footprint 
  • The utilisation of other /multi HMRC regimes
  • Document and data management storage
  • Flexible reporting periods 
  • Detailed bespoke reporting.